This month we’re all very excited at NEOM Towers about the launch of our two NEW SCENTS!




Serenity: Home Candle


Sumptuous: Home Candle


Serenity (Vanilla Sandalwood) is our first attempt at Vanilla… pairing it with a deeper Sandalwood note makes the fragrance smoky, a little woody and sexy and perfect for men and women alike – it’s certainly not too sweet, and perfect for peaceful nights in we think - and it comes in a limited edition black box which is super sleek.


Sumptuous (Rose Neroli) is the most indulgent, luxurious scent we have enveloped ourselves in for a very long time….my own current favourite, this really is a beautifully indulgent rose. As the world starts to become a little cheerier place (well the ‘R’ word doesn’t seem to be being mentioned quote as much right now does it? Plus the sun is definitely shining so much more!)




We at NEOM wanted to start celebrating feeling good again, luxurious treats and all things pampering, so if you agree have a think about which scent would indulge you most… I’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page to tell me which you like!


Much love,

Nicola x