Abigail James is a holistic therapist and facialist who specialises in a more natural and organic approach to beautiful skin and health. Abigail has over a decade of experience in natural beauty and is fast becoming the go-to therapist for London’s Elite who are in need of a relaxing, healthy treatment.

Here at NEOM, we’ve known about Abigail’s healing hands for a while as she loves NEOM. But we thought we’d ask her to give us a little insight and a handful of remedies and rituals most important to do at home.

I have been working as a therapist for many years. I personally felt I wanted to make the move from using synthetics to more natural beauty for the simple fact I was reacting to so many products and so were my clients. I found that the main skin irritants are synthetic fragrance and lab-created ingredients which the body just does not like or recognise. This often results in a skin reaction – it became that I was treating sensitized skin to product ingredients rather than actually treating the skins natural state. So I decided to switch – believe me once you do, you’ll never go back!

I often find I get asked about what you can do at home to help with your beauty regime. I always say my favourite home ingredient perfect for treatments which I am sure everyone has is their kitchen cupboard is honey. It’s so amazing at healing the skin. Apply it while in the bath with your hair tied firmly back, leave it on the skin for 10 minutes then add a bit of warm water and massage it deeply all over the face. Why not mix in a smudge of natural yoghurt to this too - (really, I do this at home!) It’s great. Also, keep your eye cream in the fridge; the coolness helps freshen up the eye area, keep it next to two teaspoons, then apply these cold to the whole eye area after applying the cream for bright sparkly peepers!

I also think everyone should invest in a good facial oil - especially at night, they can absorb easier than a cream and are great for re-balancing and nourishing the skin rather than overpowering it which some creams can do at night time, especially for a skin that is prone to blockages and oiliness.

I am very sensitive to scent, it is so important to me and often my mood affects how I respond to a particular smell. I recommend having a variety of candles around my home to use. Dependant on my mood, I often opt for more lemony fresh scents like the Refresh candle, I find these sort of scents help give me clarity when I am working from home. But my all-time favourite is NEOM’s Happiness candle – it’s just beautiful. White Neroli and Mimosa are my absolute favourite scents; I have individual perfume notes of both of these along with Jasmine. A twice weekly Body Scrub also makes me feel amazing, I will often do this after my morning hill-run when I am in the Cotswolds, really gets the circulation going, and lashings of Real Luxury Body Oil while my skin is still wet, with the feminine scent it’s a touch of pampering at the beginning of the day, start as you mean to go on is my motto!