Nothing makes me feel happier or more rejuvenated than when the kids are sleeping peacefully upstairs and I’m curled up in front of a roaring fire reading a good book, surrounded by flickering candles - like the Neom Organics Christmas Wish.

It’s funny because I’m sure if you’d asked me three years ago what made me feel amazing it would have been completely different (wine, shopping, the gym) But these days wine gives me a hangover that is literally unbearable when combined with an 8 month old baby and a 3 year old, the shopping is always a rushed, stressful affair (unless it’s on the internet, hello Net A Porter and ) And the gym? Well, I can literally think of a thousand things I’d rather be doing than pounding a treadmill.

Nowadays the things that make me feel amazing are simple. Making my 3 year old boy squeal with laughter, watching him cuddle his baby sister, her gurgles of pleasure when I come into her room when she wakes up in the morning, bouncing with my boy on our trampoline in the garden (an instant endorphin booster better than any gym equipment) and of course, the fundamental feel- good essential: sleep.

You never realise how much it governs your mood and wellbeing until it’s snatched away by a squawking baby for months on end! Luckily, we’re over that hellish bit now, but still, a 7am wake up every. single. morning means lie ins are a thing of the past. So on the nights when I’m too tired to do anything else I have a reverse lie-in. I go to bed as early as possible so I can wind down in a calm, soothing environment. Our bedroom has a big, antique super king size sleigh bed, heaps of big hotel quality pillows and soft rugs underfoot. And candles. Lots and lots of Neom Organics candles. My favourite is the Complete Bliss with its gorgeous rose scent. I simply light the ones that are lined up on the mantelpiece and the bedside tables and lie there, reading my book in my own personal nirvana.

Miracle on Regent Street is available now, published by Simon & Schuster.