Sometimes, there is nothing better than kicking back and enjoying a good old fashioned night in. Getting the opportunity to relax and make the most of some pampering may be a relatively rare event, so grab the opportunity and make it worthwhile.

The great news is, there is now an array of fantastic organic beauty products that can help you to boost your mood, body and spirit. /p>

To set the atmosphere for your evening of indulgence, start by lighting some aromatherapy candles. These are perfect mood-setters.

A night in wouldn't be complete without a long soak in the bathtub. This can help to ease any aches and pains you have and it is the ideal way to soothe your mind, helping you to forget your troubles and focus on the present moment.

To enhance your bathing, add a capful of our luxurious bath oil. By choosing versions that contain a high content of essential oils, you can ensure that your bath will be perfect.

And once you step out of the tub, make the most of our superb range of organic body lotions and oils available. These are great for your skin and can help you to feel radiant and youthful.

Here at NEOM we are experts when it comes to all these products, and many more besides. So, if you want to get kitted out for the perfect night in, why not take a look at our luxury candles, bath products?