Since we launched our bodycare range, I’ve been pestering the product development team about making organic Bath Foam…but it’s probably one of the trickiest products we have created at Neom and has taken us over two years. Our philosophy is to never use SLS (something which creates the foaming effect) because it can irritate the skin, so we had to take an alternative route to make sure our Bath Foam actually, well, foamed!

We eventually went for an alternative way of manufacturing and blending coconut oil and vegetable oils which offered us a safe ingredient that gave our Bath Foam those all-important bubbles in the tub. Then came adding the scent, this was another challenge. The blend of essential oils we added made the formula really watery and just glugged into the bath. So, I spent hours and hours adding in and taking out a mix of over ten different essential oils until we found the right balance of scent which made the bath foam stable, a joy to use and smell divinely tranquil.

I am thrilled to say it’s one the most successful bodycare launches we’ve had (perhaps it’s because it’s so ground-breaking! Not to blow my own trumpet or anything) so it makes all the hard work really worth it. Hats-off to our hard-working PD team too! May this pic be a reminder of all your hard work and the many, many baths we’ve had at testing the hundreds of formulations!

Enjoy our new Bath Foam made with 74% organic ingredients & 26% natural ingredients with ingredients like soothing Aloe Leaf, Marshmallow, and Sweet Almond.