Organic beauty products offer a healthier, more natural alternative to skin care products which contain synthetic chemicals. Indeed, the fact that they do not contain any potentially damaging ingredients at all means that organic products are far more likely to furnish you with healthier and better looking skin.

The true benefits of organic skin care products can be contributed to the healthy, natural ingredients which they typically contain:

Natural plant oils
Natural plant oils such as grapeseed, walnut, olive and almond help to reduce inflammation and acne by providing antioxidants and moisturising your skin. The application of organic and natural facial moisturisers can soothe and strengthen your skin in a way that synthetic products simply cannot match.

As well as helping to repair damaged skin tissue, herbs like calendula, green tea, lavender and rose can also act as an antiseptic and calm itchy or sensitive skin.

Essential oils
Essential oils such as cedarwood, ginger, patchouli, and tea tree can be used to help treat dry skin or dandruff, tone the skin and increase circulation. Furthermore, they can also be used as a moisturiser and work as an anti-bacterial or anti-viral.

For every moisturiser, hand wash or facial cleanser made with synthetic ingredients, there is a natural, organic alternative that is healthier for your skin. So, if you want to feel the benefits which these wonderfully natural yet extremely luxurious products can offer, make us here at NEOM Organics your first port of call.