Vogue calls it "one of the most unquestionably glamourous places to stay in the UK" and we could not agree more!

From its £10,000 price tag to stay for a long weekend during the Glastonbury festival, to the helipad on site, Camp Kerala is ultra-exclusive. The site provides chic, luxurious and romantic Indian-inspired tents - it’s glamping with that added sprinkling of luxury. And Neom (of course) were asked to scent the camp with a special range of our heavenly candles that oozed essential oils to revive frazzled celebs and VIPs alike.

Happiness with its sparkling, natural grass scent and green hibiscus notes greeted campers on arrival with each guest receiving a Neom Organic Hand Cream to keep hands rejuvenated throughout their stay. Tranquillity and Real Luxury (with their lavender bases) were selected for the all-important ‘chill out’ area which overlooked the festival, whilst Neom’s best-selling citrus fragrance; Refresh (lemon & basil) was chosen for the bar - which fitted just perfectly with pop of champagne corks each evening!

Guests were also soothed in the Kerala Spa haven with an Indian head massage using Neom’s body & massage oils - the perfect morning relaxing treat (after a night of partying at the festival). If glamping is cheating…well, we wouldn’t have it any other way!



Neom spoke with its organiser Georgia Broughton (and daughter to the founder of Camp Kerala, Jennifer Lederman) to hear all about the 2013 camp which is home to the rich and famous throughout the Glastonbury festival.


Tell us about Camp Kerala?

Camp Kerala is the luxury camp site at Glastonbury festival with guests paying over £10,000 to stay with us. Each guest truly has all they desire guaranteeing the best weekend ever. Camp Kerala is a heaven of luxury beyond luxury!


What was new for this year?

This year we had a fabulous florist company called Tattie Rose Flowers -who create some amazing wild flower displays. We were also thrilled to offer incredible Indian head massages with the beautiful Neom oils. Plus it was The Rolling Stones last gig so all our very loyal clientele that come every year were particularly excited!


Why did you choose Neom to be a part of it?

They say it's the small things that make the bigger things special. For Camp Kerala it's Neom. Whether it is the unique complexities of the beautiful candles or the enchanting oils which transport you away, we are not entirely sure, but either way it's very special. Neom undoubtedly contributes to making the Camp Kerala experience that little bit more unique and special.


Who was your favourite band/act you heard from camp?

Rolling stones/ Mumford and sons/ The XX. There’s always a great atmosphere when the main acts of each night play.


Did anyone comment on Neom during their stay?

Nearly each guest, the smell throughout camp was Neom = gorgeous! They said they loved the candles buy also the scent of the hand creams was a huge hit. Someone said that they absolutely loved the scent and they "needed it now at home in their bedroom, office and world".