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Cocooning Ingredients: Jasmine

18 April 2014 11:44:35 BST

Fleshy white petals unfurl majestically as night falls to release a heady fragrance celebrated for its ability to lift the mood and dramatically reduce stress.

It was the combination of these admirable health benefits, as well as its exotic floral fragrance - great blended with citrus oils - which made us realise we just had to include jasmine as an ingredient in our Cocooning blend (mandarin, ylang ylang and chamomile).

The blend - the most citrusy and delicate of our de-stress portfolio - includes 6 essential oils all chosen for their ability to relieve stress and complement each other’s scents.

Like fellow Cocooning ingredient ylang ylang, jasmine flowers release their scent in the evening, meaning we have only a small window in which to harvest the petals at their fragrant best. We grow our jasmine in Egypt where the hot climate and soil conditions let the plant flourish and produce the finest flowers, the oil of which is extracted to produce the highly concentrated, and expensive, essential oil with the scent and therapeutic benefits we so covet. This ‘jasmine absolute’ is intensely floral, heady with honey notes.

A deep inhalation of jasmine will leave you feeling uplifted – it has been lauded for centuries as a remedy to help promote confidence and inspire optimism. It has even been used in the treatment of depression and for relieving stress during childbirth.

A wonder-ingredient of the highest order - although the packaging doesn’t give us enough room to list every essential oil in Cocooning - jasmine is one of those we thought deserved a bit of praise!

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The Stress Less Wallpapers

16 April 2014 13:55:31 BST

Every campaign we create desktop wallpapers to help remind us, and any of you who download them, about what’s important. This time we’re focussing on reducing stress and these mantras are helping us to achieve just that here in the Neom office. We hope you enjoy them!

Choose the image size you would like below, right click and select "Save As" to download the file and save it as your desktop wallpaper.

All That We Are

Let Go

More Sleep

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Guest Blog - Radiance Cleanse

14 April 2014 11:51:14 BST

It is not always easy to stay calm and focused in the busy world we live in, which is why it is important that we take care of ourselves in any way that we can.

Our aim at Radiance is to provide healthy, convenient juice plans that can fit easily into your everyday life. We are committed to certified organic, cold-pressed, fresh juices that nourish your body.

Here are our top five ingredients to include in your juices to calm and soothe the body:

  • Dark green vegetables: packed full of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals it delivers a powerful dose of nutrients. (note: the darker the leaves, the richer the antioxidant content!)
  • Citrus fruits (lemon/lime): they stimulate the digestive system and relieve bloating.
  • Ginger: a powerful anti-inflammatory is a helpful remedy for indigestion, poor circulation, headaches, coughs, colds and nausea!
  • Celery: vitamin rich and powerfully hydrating, this green veggie helps to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and promotes overall health.
  • Cayenne: this super spice hero has endless benefits from cardiovascular health, improved immunity and digestion, to lowering blood sugar and enhancing metabolic function and weight loss.

Below are two recipes for a green juice, highly recommended and packed with ingredients that will help to calm and soothe your body from the stresses of day-to-day life. A nutrient-filled, daily green juice will also promote glowing skin and leave you feeling satisfied and less hungry, which is an added bonus.

For 250ml – 300ml of juice you will need:

25g spinach
¼ pineapple
½ cucumber
100g celery
1g mint
20ml lemon
10g ginger


½ cucumber
200g apple
70g celery
25g watercress
20ml lemon or lime
10g ginger
A pinch of cayenne or 7g parsley (optional)
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Cocooning Ingredients: Chamomile

11 April 2014 13:18:23 BST

If you’re anything like us you’ll rely on a soothing pre-bed cup of chamomile tea at the end of a busy day.

That’s because these little daisy-like flowers, swinging to and fro in the breeze on their lofty, bright green stalks, are a mini-hero when it comes to releasing tension and instilling a sense of calm. And it’s the reason we used them as a key ingredient in our Cocooning blend, the light, citrusy scent of our de-stress portfolio.

There are two types of chamomile – Roman and German – but it is the Roman variety that is the most aroma-therapeutic. We grow ours in Norfolk, employing traditional organic growing techniques while using the latest technology to steam distil the oil from the wonderful flowers – a process which produces an oil at first ink-blue in colour!

Chamomile is named after the Greek words for ‘earth apple’ for its slightly fruity smell, while the herb’s cocooning effect on the mind proved inspiration for the Neom scent name. So apart from working well on a purely olfactory level with the similarly fruity mandarin essential oil, chamomile’s calming properties are well-matched to the uplifting and restorative effects of the citrus in Cocooning, working to reduce stress levels and nervous tension.

Long-celebrated as a herbal remedy, chamomile has been used to overcome anger issues and is a well-known anti-sickness treatment, making it perfect for those times you feel under the weather, too.

So when it comes to winding down after a stressful day with that trusty cuppa, why not join us in lighting a Cocooning Candle and really feel the difference?

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Polly Noble: Living Consciously

9 April 2014 13:23:59 BST

Polly Noble is a wellness writer, health coach and author passionate about helping people to make the upgrade to a healthier, happier life. Here she tells us the inspiring story of how she realized she needed to be kind to herself and embraced living consciously.

Not so long ago, I was living what I considered to be a pretty great life. Looking in from the outside, I had a great job, a nice place to live and a tonne of lovely friends but deep down I felt something was missing. I often found myself thinking, “Is this all there is?!” “Is this how my life is going to be?” The truth is, my life was a little out of control. I was living the city-girl London life burning the candle at both ends without giving much consideration to my overall wellbeing.

Then I started to feel unwell and visited the doctor, which is when my world turned upside down. The shock of being diagnosed with cervical cancer aged just twenty-four was the catalyst which sparked a huge health transformation for me. I decided to do everything within my power to help my body heal and that meant changing a lot of old unhealthy habits and transitioning to a calmer more holistic lifestyle.

I dumped the junk food, began juicing, took up meditation, visualization and yoga and generally began to live more consciously. By having awareness around the choices you make everyday, from what your first thought in the morning is to what you decide to eat for lunch to how you spend your evening, you give your body an opportunity to be its very best; because living consciously involves understanding what your best option is in each life situation and choosing to make the upgrade. So for example, rather than choosing chemical-laden beauty products, the conscious upgrade would be to use organic chemical-free brands who make safe products. By taking a step back from my life to reassess how I was living it, I realized that I really wasn’t caring for myself well.

Since that time, I have implemented an awesome self-care routine, which involves looking after all aspects of my body, mind and soul, practices which many clients have improved their life with. Meditation with my favourite Neom candle burning helps me to connect to a mental space which is warm, calming and helps me to manage anything that comes up in my day, including stress. When I consciously co-create my environment and how I choose to spend my days, I am able to focus better, achieve more and generally improve my overall wellbeing.

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Be Kind To Yourself

2 April 2014 17:15:25 BST

This season’s Neom campaign is all about de-stressing and attaining that sometimes elusive stress less state.

Stress is the body’s response to stimuli, both positive and negative. It can be satisfying - a manageable deadline, a personal goal you want to reach - but all too often stress can leave you feeling out of control and down in the dumps.

It is worth noting the difference between stress and anxiety: while stress is the result of a particular stimulus - an important presentation, a family crisis, a house move - anxiety is fear-based so that the cause is often not so obvious.

If we pinpoint the stimuli we can all overcome stress. This idea of being kind to yourself and taking holistic action to combat stress (or perhaps more specifically, your response to the factors that cause you stress) was the guiding light in creating some of our best-loved scents.

All our blends boast pure, mood-enhancing essential oils and most therefore have natural stress-reducing qualities, but three in particular were designed as uplifting and balancing de-stress treatments: Cocooning (mandarin, ylang ylang and chamomile), Enchantment (bluebell, guaiacwood and rose) and Real Luxury (lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood).

There are actually three citrus essential oils in the Cocooning blend - mandarin, lemon and orange – proven in scientific studies to combat depression and boost immunity, while the chamomile and ylang ylang oils both have calming effects and have been used by aromatherapists to treat mild cases of depression.

Enchantment is a delicate floral scent. The actual bluebell smell is extracted from part of a corn kernel - a pioneering move by Neom to harness the scent without using synthetic materials – while the guaiacwood essential oil quells stress and rose has calming and confidence-boosting properties.

Real Luxury is a soothing floral blend perfect for pampering nights in. Lavender is well-known for its calming properties, proven to help with insomnia and deeply relax. Jasmine is similarly calming with uplifting and confidence-building qualities, while Brazilian rosewood has been used to lift blue feelings and soothe.

Over the next few months we’ll be delving deep into what makes the ingredients in these blends so good for de-stressing and asking experts to give their de-stress techniques on our blog – from diet changes, to home and beyond.

Together let’s make this the stress less season!

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Praise For Happiness

28 March 2014 15:45:41 GMT


One of our best-selling scents for spring Happiness includes a sparkling blend of white neroli, mimosa and lemon essential oils to lift your mood. Here's what some of our celebrity and press friends have to say about it...


My Neom candle smells of summers and fruity yellows... it accompanies an evening with friends very well.

- Katie Melua, Singer


Spring's sweet-scented optimism in the flicker of a flame.

- Eminé Ali Rushton, Psychologies


Neom’s Happiness candle – I love it. The lemon hints make it so refreshing and really does make me feel uplifted and well, happy!

- Rosie Fortescue, Fashion Blogger


The scent delivered as a clean, crisp and refreshing scent, completely void of any burning undertone. But the real test was the following day, when I came home from work and the freshness was still lingering on. It’s sort of like having fresh flowers in your room. Lovely.

- Emma McCarthy, Evening Standard


I love Neom! I have a few of the candles dotted around my flat and they make the whole flat smell so beautiful. My new favourite is the white neroli, mimosa and lemon.

- Pixie Lott, Singer


Happiness makes a perfect mood-booster. Who said scented candles were just for outside?

- Mary Norden, Art Director & Stylist for Interiors, Food and Lifestyle and former Red Magazine Interiors Director


Happiness in a box is presented beautifully by Neom Organics. Wafting white neroli, mimosa and lemon, it’s the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

- Carol O’Gallaghan, Irish Examiner


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We’re so proud to tell you that our Tranquillity Bath Foam has this week won another award.

After being named Best Bath Foam in the Beauty Shortlist Awards and Best Bath Product in the Psychologies Positive Beauty Awards last year, Tranquillity has scooped a place in The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible.

Established by journalists Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey in 1996, the Beauty Bible has become the biggest-selling series of beauty books in the world.

The award - in the Relaxing Bath Treats category - means a great deal to us because it comes as a result of thorough trials by a panel of testers. It’s the largest consumer beauty survey ever carried out, with some 20,000 women involved!

A continual five star customer review product, the Tranquillity Bath Foam includes English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine essential oils, a calming blend designed to provide the perfect night’s sleep. We combine these oils with skin-nourishing marshmallow, aloe leaf, coconut and sweet almond oil and, as with all Neom products - and hailed by The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible - our Bath Foam is SLS-free with no petrochemicals, parabens PEGs, silicone or animal products.

Sleep Studies last year concluded that using the Bath Foam, alongside our Tranquillity Room Mist and Home Candle, resulted in a better night’s sleep for 91% of participants and all said they would recommend the Tranquillity scent to a friend.

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Laetitia Maklouf - Happy Gardening

20 March 2014 10:31:36 GMT

In the spirit of finding happiness in nature, we spoke to Laetitia Maklouf. Dubbed the Nigella of the plant world, Laetitia is our go-to expert for making the most of our gardens from bulbs to blooms. Here she tells us how she finds happiness in the garden and beyond.

March is the beginning of the year for most gardeners, when the weather becomes kinder, and exciting green shoots start appearing. This is when the tiny, woodland floor flowers come into their own, and it’s worth celebrating them before they get obliterated by larger plants. My absolute favourites are tiny iris reticulata, which come in the most delicious range of colours from palest grey to deepest, most sensual purple. You can buy these right now, enjoy them in containers either indoors or out, and then plant them out in the garden when they are over. Similar joy can be had in the same way from shop-bought snowdrops, primroses, muscari, and of course, daffodils.

I’m happy when I am clearing the garden in the early spring - a rather overwhelming task that always takes a fraction of the time I think it will. The thrill of seeing lovely fat buds of living tissue beneath the crispy dead stuff is indescribable. Geraniums and lady’s mantle, two of my favourite perennials are doing their bit beautifully in this respect, and the excitement of carpets of self-seeded annuals, like nigella and cornflowers get my heart racing too, particularly when I think about the warmer days to come.

I’m lucky to live in a neighbourhood that is dominated by a huge mimosa tree. Those gorgeous delicate leaves are augmented at this time of year by distinctive yellow pompom blooms, and their almondy, violetty scent is sometimes carried on the breeze towards my appreciative nose. Mimosa oil, obviously, has this beautiful scent in a much more concentrated form, and so even if I didn’t live in the sheltered south, within spitting distance of a vast mimosa tree, I would be able to enjoy it in Neom’s Happiness candle. The other key scent here is neroli, which comes from evergreen bitter orange trees. Its fragrance (sweetly floral with a citrusy hint) is sublime, and precious - it takes about a ton of flowers to produce just over a litre of oil.

With each year that passes I realise how true it is that the joyful stuff comes in small packages; a tiny bud, a moment of warm sunshine on the back of my neck, the whiff of new life from a flickering candle….

Happy Spring everyone.

Laetitia is the author of The Virgin Gardener and Sweet Peas for Summer. She blogs at

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Neom’s #30DAYSOFHAPPINESS Challenge

19 March 2014 16:23:31 GMT

In celebration of our Naturally Happy campaign this month, we’ve been asking people to upload a daily ‘happy picture’ on Twitter with the hashtag #30DAYSOFHAPPINESS. We’ve had a lovely selection so far - from customers’ beloved cheeky dogs to family members and the simple pleasure of choosing a book to read – and we would love to see lots more. Here are some of the Neom team’s own happy pictures and the reasons behind them to give you a little inspiration. We’ll be running spot prizes for some of our favourites so make sure you get involved and enjoy feeling Naturally Happy this month!

“Happiness is time with the little ones who make you remember what is important in life.”
- Lucy Gill, PR Manager

“A smile from my little boy.”
- Oliver Mennell, Co-founder

“My beautiful cat Izzy is a constant source of happiness for me. She’s extremely affectionate and when I’m home alone she’ll keep me company whilst I busy around!”
- Nicki Wedgewood, PR and Online Media Assistant

“Happiness for me was Christmas on the beach with my family enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation after a stressful year.”
- Kate Morrell, Marketing Assistant

“Lately for me, happiness has come from connecting with my family. Having stimulating conversation and listening to all of the different points of view can be amazing (and frustrating). We're a diverse bunch, but we make it work. And lately my wife and I are hoping to extend our family with our first child soon, to add a new mind with a new point of view into the mix.”
- Adam Lappin, Web Manager

“This was taken at the cocktail bar on Dorada Beach in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote – my half term haven.”
- Cathie Rickwood, Customer Services

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