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Guest Blog - Radiance Cleanse

14 April 2014 11:51:14 BST

It is not always easy to stay calm and focused in the busy world we live in, which is why it is important that we take care of ourselves in any way that we can.

Our aim at Radiance is to provide healthy, convenient juice plans that can fit easily into your everyday life. We are committed to certified organic, cold-pressed, fresh juices that nourish your body.

Here are our top five ingredients to include in your juices to calm and soothe the body:

  • Dark green vegetables: packed full of chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals it delivers a powerful dose of nutrients. (note: the darker the leaves, the richer the antioxidant content!)
  • Citrus fruits (lemon/lime): they stimulate the digestive system and relieve bloating.
  • Ginger: a powerful anti-inflammatory is a helpful remedy for indigestion, poor circulation, headaches, coughs, colds and nausea!
  • Celery: vitamin rich and powerfully hydrating, this green veggie helps to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and promotes overall health.
  • Cayenne: this super spice hero has endless benefits from cardiovascular health, improved immunity and digestion, to lowering blood sugar and enhancing metabolic function and weight loss.

Below are two recipes for a green juice, highly recommended and packed with ingredients that will help to calm and soothe your body from the stresses of day-to-day life. A nutrient-filled, daily green juice will also promote glowing skin and leave you feeling satisfied and less hungry, which is an added bonus.

For 250ml – 300ml of juice you will need:

25g spinach
¼ pineapple
½ cucumber
100g celery
1g mint
20ml lemon
10g ginger


½ cucumber
200g apple
70g celery
25g watercress
20ml lemon or lime
10g ginger
A pinch of cayenne or 7g parsley (optional)
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Polly Noble: Living Consciously

9 April 2014 13:23:59 BST

Polly Noble is a wellness writer, health coach and author passionate about helping people to make the upgrade to a healthier, happier life. Here she tells us the inspiring story of how she realized she needed to be kind to herself and embraced living consciously.

Not so long ago, I was living what I considered to be a pretty great life. Looking in from the outside, I had a great job, a nice place to live and a tonne of lovely friends but deep down I felt something was missing. I often found myself thinking, “Is this all there is?!” “Is this how my life is going to be?” The truth is, my life was a little out of control. I was living the city-girl London life burning the candle at both ends without giving much consideration to my overall wellbeing.

Then I started to feel unwell and visited the doctor, which is when my world turned upside down. The shock of being diagnosed with cervical cancer aged just twenty-four was the catalyst which sparked a huge health transformation for me. I decided to do everything within my power to help my body heal and that meant changing a lot of old unhealthy habits and transitioning to a calmer more holistic lifestyle.

I dumped the junk food, began juicing, took up meditation, visualization and yoga and generally began to live more consciously. By having awareness around the choices you make everyday, from what your first thought in the morning is to what you decide to eat for lunch to how you spend your evening, you give your body an opportunity to be its very best; because living consciously involves understanding what your best option is in each life situation and choosing to make the upgrade. So for example, rather than choosing chemical-laden beauty products, the conscious upgrade would be to use organic chemical-free brands who make safe products. By taking a step back from my life to reassess how I was living it, I realized that I really wasn’t caring for myself well.

Since that time, I have implemented an awesome self-care routine, which involves looking after all aspects of my body, mind and soul, practices which many clients have improved their life with. Meditation with my favourite Neom candle burning helps me to connect to a mental space which is warm, calming and helps me to manage anything that comes up in my day, including stress. When I consciously co-create my environment and how I choose to spend my days, I am able to focus better, achieve more and generally improve my overall wellbeing.

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Laetitia Maklouf - Happy Gardening

20 March 2014 10:31:36 GMT

In the spirit of finding happiness in nature, we spoke to Laetitia Maklouf. Dubbed the Nigella of the plant world, Laetitia is our go-to expert for making the most of our gardens from bulbs to blooms. Here she tells us how she finds happiness in the garden and beyond.

March is the beginning of the year for most gardeners, when the weather becomes kinder, and exciting green shoots start appearing. This is when the tiny, woodland floor flowers come into their own, and it’s worth celebrating them before they get obliterated by larger plants. My absolute favourites are tiny iris reticulata, which come in the most delicious range of colours from palest grey to deepest, most sensual purple. You can buy these right now, enjoy them in containers either indoors or out, and then plant them out in the garden when they are over. Similar joy can be had in the same way from shop-bought snowdrops, primroses, muscari, and of course, daffodils.

I’m happy when I am clearing the garden in the early spring - a rather overwhelming task that always takes a fraction of the time I think it will. The thrill of seeing lovely fat buds of living tissue beneath the crispy dead stuff is indescribable. Geraniums and lady’s mantle, two of my favourite perennials are doing their bit beautifully in this respect, and the excitement of carpets of self-seeded annuals, like nigella and cornflowers get my heart racing too, particularly when I think about the warmer days to come.

I’m lucky to live in a neighbourhood that is dominated by a huge mimosa tree. Those gorgeous delicate leaves are augmented at this time of year by distinctive yellow pompom blooms, and their almondy, violetty scent is sometimes carried on the breeze towards my appreciative nose. Mimosa oil, obviously, has this beautiful scent in a much more concentrated form, and so even if I didn’t live in the sheltered south, within spitting distance of a vast mimosa tree, I would be able to enjoy it in Neom’s Happiness candle. The other key scent here is neroli, which comes from evergreen bitter orange trees. Its fragrance (sweetly floral with a citrusy hint) is sublime, and precious - it takes about a ton of flowers to produce just over a litre of oil.

With each year that passes I realise how true it is that the joyful stuff comes in small packages; a tiny bud, a moment of warm sunshine on the back of my neck, the whiff of new life from a flickering candle….

Happy Spring everyone.

Laetitia is the author of The Virgin Gardener and Sweet Peas for Summer. She blogs at

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As part of our Naturally Happy month, we’re choosing happiness and to help us along, we asked Wellbeing Escapes Founder, Stella Photi whose company specialises in healthy holidays and experiences to share her secrets for living a stress free, happy and healthy life.

Living a healthy balanced life when you’re busy isn’t always easy. Myself and the Wellbeing Escapes team all understand the importance of the pursuit of happiness. It’s something that can get lost in our day-to-day lives and we do our best to keep morale high! Personally, the things that make me happiest are first and foremost my dog Louis, he is pure without any agenda. I appreciate a beautiful piece of music; I love classical music and find that Mozart can lift me out of anything. I love my Neom Complete Bliss Bath & Shower Oil - I am seriously addicted to it - it is blissful and makes me very happy during my morning shower. I love learning new things and, if it wasn’t obvious enough already, exploring new places.

Here are some of the ways in which we can all ensure every day is a good day.

  1. 1. I wouldn’t simply call it meditation...
    Having a healthy mind works in conjunction with having a healthy body. The opposite is also true but it cannot be achieved without an initial state of mindfulness. Sitting quietly and reconnecting with yourself is not easy for everyone but it is seldom that people actually do this. Fifteen minutes may seem like a long stint, but amongst what has to be achieved throughout the day, it is a brief window. Plus the benefits are numerous.

  2. 2. Hot water just got less boring...
    One of the most valuable things we can do for our overall system is to drink hot water, lemon and honey. It is an amazing detoxification supplement to have before your day starts. The lemon provides the vitamin C whilst the honey helps give anti-bacterial properties. It is great for preventing colds as well as being hugely beneficial for your digestive system. And who doesn’t want a happy tummy?

  3. 3. Don’t start your day without...
    We have heard it thousands of times over and yet so many of us still skip breakfast. If you don’t have the time to sit down and eat, ensure you bring healthy snacks to work. I usually eat a Bounce Ball to give me energy along with a piece of fruit. Most experts argue that eating 5 or 6 smaller healthy meals throughout the day will help you feel energised and at your best.

  4. 4. Workplace Wellbeing
    If we all had the choice to not sit at a desk all day long, I am sure the sane majority would opt out of this. Sitting down all day is obviously not good for our health. My yoga teacher taught me a trick that I now apply every day. Using a yoga belt (or scarf), hold it stretched between your hands behind your shoulders and move over your head back and forth to unwind the tension. A couple of times a day are enough. It reminds you to slouch less and can make gradual but effective improvements for your posture.

  5. 5. Laugh!
    I adore a good belly laugh. I am always trying to make my team laugh with anecdotes about my dog Louis. He is a regular at the office and we all share a soft-spot for him. He brings a lot of wellbeing into my life - through the walks we embark on to the way he defuses my stress with one look.

  6. 6. Get deep into relaxation with a massage
    After a particularly hard week or if I feel prone to some TLC, I book myself in for a massage. Your mind simply stops thinking and you are immersed into the silky relaxed aura of the room. It helps me unknot tensions and is ideal for banishing any built-up headaches. My go-to people in London are Yan Sophkleous and the gifted Claire Farman.

  7. 7. Keep Active
    I like to keep things varied. I take Louis for walks, get a little more toned before a holiday at Ten Pilates, giggle my way through a Zumba class and practice yoga.

  8. 8. Become the sponge and soak up all you can learn
    I really believe in boosting wellbeing through learning. Right now I am reading a book called Vedanta Philosophy, inspired by my trip to India. It’s full of practical content on how to live a contended, successful and happy life. I also love getting creative in the kitchen and learning new recipes, often adapting them to make them as healthy as possible. Learning can also be experienced in workshops and classes - as well as gaining new skills your social life will be on the up.

  9. 9. Nature
    Immerse yourself amongst nature as much as possible. City life doesn’t make this necessarily easy but we are not completely starved of it. Getting outside in your favourite park or personal space is something we shouldn’t lose sight of. I always feel so much more refreshed and alive after spending time outdoors.
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What Does Love Mean to You?

21 February 2014 10:51:34 GMT


We’ve been discussing what love means to us at Neom HQ – here’s what our Co-founder Nicola, and some of our friends, thought. We’d love to hear yours too – please feel free to comment below!


Love is being with your nearest and dearest on a Sunday and going for a long walk followed by yummy food.

- Portia Freeman, British model


It’s all about making the little things a bit more special. Impromptu champagne. Last minute stay in a boutique hotel. Making a lovely tea for no reason. Candles everywhere, every night!

- Nicola Elliott, Neom Co-founder


Love is hearing my twins play together when they don’t know I’m listening. Naughty Mummy!

- Cherry Menlove, blogger and owner of online homeware store


The most important love is the love that you have for yourself, as soon as you truly love yourself you’ll have even more love to give to everyone else!

- Ella Woodward, Healthy eating blogger at


LOVE is... emboldening, strengthening, renewing... and what makes us feel most human.

- Eminé Ali Rushton, Beauty & Wellbeing Director, Psychologies


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We Heart Chocolate

12 February 2014 10:47:58 GMT


This month is all about Love for us here at Neom as we celebrate the release of our limited edition Love Home Candle. Working behind the scenes at luxury British chocolatiers Charbonnel et Walker, Melissa Braithwaite gives us the lowdown on chocolate history, the Queen and why we love to give chocolates to our loved ones.


How did Charbonnel et Walker start out?

Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers. Encouraged by Edward VII, (then the Prince of Wales), our company first formed as a partnership between Mrs Walker and Mme. Charbonnel, the latter from the Maison Boissier chocolate house in Paris. Our original shop opened at 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair and has remained in Bond Street ever since.


You make chocolate wedding favours and heart-shaped boxes – why do you think chocolate has become so associated with love?

Because chocolate is something which everyone enjoys, indulges in and shares.


Where do you draw inspiration from for new chocolates?

Our inspiration is driven by trends in the market.


You must be proud that Charbonnel et Walker hold the Royal Warrant to make chocolates for Her Majesty the Queen – can you tell us which chocolates are her favourite?

Yes, we are very proud to hold a Royal Warrant. Her Majesty the Queen enjoys all our chocolates and does have her own favourites, however it is not protocol to divulge her exact favourites.


Can you reveal any new products you’re working on for 2014?

We can indeed… we have some delicious new Dark Sea Salt Caramel Truffles and Raspberry Marc de Champagne Truffles launching later this year. Keep your eyes, ears and taste buds at the ready!


Be honest, do you eat chocolate outside of work or are you sick of the sight of it?!

One can never have enough chocolate in their life… but I do tend to indulge whilst in the office to keep me going through the day and what better way than to have some of the finest chocolates from around the world at your fingertips! It would be rude not to!

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Where the Wild Tuberose Grows

4 February 2014 15:23:31 GMT

To celebrate the launch of our Limited Edition Love Home Candle - the first in our collection to use beautiful tuberose essential oil - we asked Oliver of luxury villa holiday company Oliver’s Travels to tell us where in the world we can find the luscious bloom…

There’s an old legend in France about tuberose, a beautiful white flower with a heady, enchanting scent. It states that young women should be especially careful around the plant after nightfall, as those who breathe in its sweet, distinctive perfume would find themselves rather more amorously inclined than was strictly good for them. Considering the plants were first cultivated in French monasteries specifically for their scent, we’re certainly hoping brothers who have taken their vows didn’t spend too much time wandering their gardens after dark...

Seeing as tuberose grows best in warm climates, it can be found as far afield as Morocco, China and Southern America. In France, however, it was mostly grown in the sunnier climes of the South. For those willing to risk the flower’s aphrodisiac effects, there are plenty of places throughout the region where an evening walk through beautiful countryside may well have you encountering the flower’s distinctive aroma.

The province of Languedoc boasts some of France’s most stunning countryside, and the area has literally thousands of countryside walks for lovers young and old to choose from. The foothills are ideal for a romantic ramble, foregoing the rather steeper mountainous areas for verdant, hilly valleys often brushed with the elegant lines of vineyards. There are some stunning luxury villas and chateaux peppering the landscape from which to begin to walks – as well as somewhere warm, welcoming and comfortable to return to after your excursion.

The well-known province of Dordogne is also a prime destination for those who enjoy mixing romance with a little walking. The region is criss-crossed with gentler walks, which can extend through groves of walnut trees and up to cliffside hikes. You may well find yourself stumbling into the kind of fairytale villages you’ve only dreamed of, and if you do, you’ll find nothing better than the food at the local restaurants. Dordogne is rightly praised for its gastronomical quality and variety, and those small, candlelit tables with a sprightly bordeaux and amuse-bouche can cause romance to spontaneously blossom in even the most most exhausted of ramblers.

But if you feel like hunting for the scent of tuberose in a slightly more rugged environment, what not swap the rolling countryside for something a little more windswept and interesting? Corsica is rightly famous for the GR20 trail, a true challenge for even the most committed hikers at 180km in length and taking roughly two weeks to complete – it’s often regarded as one of the most daunting walks in continental Europe. But that doesn’t mean that those who’d prefer a more leisurely pace aren’t catered for, with a wealth of trails that take in the stunning coastlines and the gulf of Ajaccio. The views really do have to be seen to be believed.

Yet the scent of the tuberose isn’t one that exclusively has be hunted out in the wild – it’s often found in perfumes and can be enjoyed everywhere thanks to the perennial popularity of tuberose in bouquets of cut flowers. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about that old legend...

If you’d like to attempt your own horticultural ramble through the South of France, Oliver’s Travels has a stunning portfolio of quirky and luxury villa rentalsthroughout the region. Head over and see where your nose might take you!

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Last week writer and clean eating expert Calgary Avansino told us how to make the Healthiest Chocolate Pudding in the World. And it tasted good. So for this blog post we asked for her advice on how to feel happy and stay positive in 2014, too.

1. Aim to move your body more! However often you already enjoy physical activity – up your game. Try walking to meetings, hitting the gym with a friend one extra time per week, or giving a new exercise class a go. It is so important to vary our exercise routine – our bodies get lazy if we always present them with the same challenges. So this year aim to sweat more often, in new ways.

2. Make Sunday your prep – day. Set aside a few hours every Sunday to make a vegetable based soup or a pasta sauce that you can use a few different times throughout the week, chop veggies to have as snacks with hummous and wash your lettuce so it’s ready to use at a moment’s notice. No excuses then!

3. Stock your car, desk, and bag with healthy, energy-filled snacks that will sustain you. That way you won’t be as tempted to reach for the unhealthy option when it presents itself.

4. Order a veggie delivery box and start observing Meatless Mondays. Eating more plants is one of the best things you can do for yourself this year.

5. Clear your mind of “can’t” – our thoughts are a powerful force, so use them to your advantage. Think happy… happy!

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Praise for Complete Bliss

24 January 2014 12:24:51 GMT


This month we launched our feel good campaign, focussing on those little things that make us feel happy. With its high concentration of mood-lifting Moroccan blush rose essential oil, our Complete Bliss range gives off the perfect feel-good fragrance, as these celebrity fans can testify.


I love Neom’s Complete Bliss. The smell of rose feels really romantic and soft to me, which makes me feel good and gets rid of any daily stress.

- Lucy Watson, Made in Chelsea


I’m in love with the Moroccan blush rose scent in everything! The smell is just gorgeous.

- Daisy Lowe, Model


The aroma from my Moroccan Blush Rose Candle fills the room so quickly and smells divine. Love it!

- Una Healy, The Saturdays


The scent is so calming and delicious.

-Katie Derham, Newscaster & Presenter


As a self-confessed beauty junkie I love Neom’s Moroccan blush rose Body Oil. I’ll use this straight out of the bath and it leaves my skin super-soft.

- Millie Mackintosh, Actress & Model


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Beating the January Blues with a Country Break

22 January 2014 09:00:12 GMT


Time off at Christmas doesn’t necessarily equal peace and relaxation and we often start the New Year feeling more tired, sluggish and in need of a serious mood-boost. At Neom, we are all about making 2014 positive and seizing happiness in every possible form. Together with Sheepskin Life, creating bespoke holidays in some of the most stunning parts of the UK, we say that the planning starts now.

After the inevitable rush of year-end, chasing deadlines until dark, last-minute shopping in the crowds and squeezing in precious time to see family and friends, January is the month to take time out for you. Time not just to jump back on the treadmill and offset the festive excesses, but to plan some much-needed me-time and recharge your soul.

A break away in the UK, even in the depths of winter, can be a real energizer. Whether you are looking for a romantic hideaway or a luxury cottage to share with friends, the team at Sheepskin can help you pick just the right place and plan your perfect escape. Don’t take time searching for places to eat, shop, walk or visit; let the team at Sheepskin take the hassle away with a tailor-made local guide and leave you with time for a little soul-searching instead.

Enjoy some crisp winter sunshine on a country walk, take time shopping in village shops for local produce and cook hearty winter meals to restore you back to health. Finish off the evening relaxing in front of a roaring fire or brave the cold for a little star gazing before a restful night’s slumber in a large comfy bed.

A winter break to reflect, rejuvenate and return refreshed and ready for all that 2014 has in store? Now that’s real me-time.

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