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Relax Featured in Goop

18 January 2013 10:46:00 GMT

When the beautiful Goop newsletter popped into our inboxes last evening (the weekly publication curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, where Gwyneth shares the best of lifestyle) we were expecting the usual fabulous read and soft-and-stunning photography. Whilst scrolling down, we saw ‘I’m loving’ where Gwyneth shared a few things she’s loving and what did we see but the most lovely shot of our Relax candle - it’s so lovely and thrilling that we just had to share this with you. Seeing such things makes us really proud and has caused many, many smiles here at Neom HQ on this snowy Friday.


If you’re not signed up to Goop we really recommend it:


Happy Friday everyone and hope you enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend at home or building snowmen in your back garden.


Much love, Neom

0 Comments | Posted in News All By Adam Lappin

Creating the new scent of ‘Happiness’

23 February 2012 09:54:38 GMT

So it’s finally here, possibly the trickiest, most time consuming scent we have ever developed….‘Happiness’ with White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon.

The brief seemed simple enough back in early 2011…we wanted something fresh and clean, evocative of spring gardens, a beautifully dewy smell of bright green grass and pretty little white flower heads popping up. We yearned for something to take us out of the long dark winter, heralding new beginnings and serious positivity. The reality was so much harder! It’s difficult to blend something fresh but new, something that balances a simplicity with a sophistication you’ve come to know and love with NEOM scents. But, as they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and it led us to a very clever way of creating a new way of adding scent to this blend.

For the first time we experimented with using a unique way of releasing scent from a part of the peppermint stalk that smells exactly like (and is the same composition as) actual blades of grass. The result is a characteristic fresh, green, grassy note which when combined with essential oils of White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon creates an amazingly evocative, crisp spring garden scent I had really wanted. The process of extracting 100% natural scents in this way is a really exciting and will push us into new ways that we can create fantastic new natural scents. Into the blend goes a stunning Mimosa oil, which is great for relieving tension, precious Neroli with its healing and balancing properties, and then Lemon gives it that little extra perkiness.

Like all our candle scents, Happiness is 100% natural and the high concentration of essential oils provides an aroma-therapeutic treatment, boosting your mood and putting a spring in your step. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this scent…and can’t wait to hear your thoughts, if you’ve had a sniff, please do tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear!

1 Comments | Posted in News All By Nicola Elliott

Reduce Your Chemical Count

3 January 2012 13:24:22 GMT

Happy New Year! So…New Year, new leaf, new promises – yes, we all know that one! But this year we’re committing to some real positive change here at NEOM.

Did you know that the average woman is putting some 250 chemicals on her skin every day? From shampoo and conditioner, to shower gel and bubble bath, body oils and lotions. And let’s not forget washing up liquid, liquid soaps, washing powders...the list goes on. Often there is further exposure to unborn babies and children in the house. The cumulative effect of these chemicals, used by women over decades, is slowly coming to light - but much remains unknown. We’re challenging you to do one easy thing…REDUCE your count. We understand that you can’t live a completely chemical-free life, we want to offer everyday alternatives to help reduce your chemical count and that of your family…

Why This Matters:

  • 1. In an exclusive NEOM poll of 100 women, 95% did not correctly recognise ONE ingredient on the back of their beauty products. This means many of their buying decisions are based on a fundamental trust of the industry and of the claims they make.

  • 2. There is nothing to force EU cosmetics manufacturers to test their products for long-term use, or to effectively predict the effect on humans when used alongside dozens of other chemicals.

  • 3. Toxic chemicals find their way into our bodies - up to 60% of them are absorbed into the skin, into our bloodstream, our breast milk…and our children. And diseases linked to the absorption of synthetic chemicals – including breast cancer, testicular cancer, kidney damage and reproductive problems – are on the rise.

  • 4. Many chemicals in everyday products, such as propylene glycol and SLS, actually quicken skin-ageing, the very thing most brands claim to reverse!

My 3 Easy Swaps to Make Today:

  • 1. Organic Hand Wash and Lotion – an everyday family product. Our range offers the organic and totally luxurious alternative, with more scents coming in March.

  • 2. Organic Body Wash and Lotion – applied to the largest surface area every day.

  • 3. Organic Candles – toluene and benzene (found in paraffin wax) are the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. NEOM’s new Happiness candle, blended from pure vegetable waxes, is launching in February as the latest addition to our candle library of 11 amazing scents.

Some great reading:

  • 1. Not Just A Pretty Face – By Stacey Malkan

  • 2. Cosmetics Unmasked: Your Family Guide to Safe Cosmetics and Allergy-free Toiletries – By Dr Stephen Antczak

  • 3. Toxic Beauty: The Hidden Chemicals in Cosmetics and How They Can Harm Us – By Dawn Mellowship

  • 4. EWG – Environmental Working Group (

  • 5. Campaign For Safe Cosmetics ( Articles 300 & 682

  • 6. The Facts About (

GOOD LUCK and let us know how you’re getting on!

0 Comments | Posted in News All By Nicola Elliott

The ‘Other’ NEOM Christmas shoot...

6 December 2011 16:28:09 GMT

Ahhh…my little girl Lexie giving her godmother Lucy some NEOM goodies for Christmas. This is the ‘other’ NEOM Christmas shoot that didn’t quite make the cut but we thought you might like to see anyway.

It was a great afternoon for getting first hand reviews on what everyone would like to see under the tree…

Lucy found it hard to give the Luxe Bath essentials and Christmas Wish Candle back. At first she thought the bath oil wouldn’t be for her on account of the fact she prefers showers, but once we explained this oil is an amazing shower experience too, she was holding onto it tight. You simply rub a capful across your décolletage then step into the warm shower, when the hot steam mixes with the oil is creates an amazing spa experience.

And this super cozy wood panelled room just didn’t seem right without a Christmas Wish Candle lit, it somehow changed the feeling of the whole home…so much so we put a few old Carols on and watched Lexie do her best Christmas dancing….ahhhh family Christmas’s are the best.

By Nicola xx

1 Comments | Posted in News All By Guy Bannister

Christmas Inspiration...

11 November 2011 00:00:00 GMT

We thought we'd give you a little shot of inspiration early on by asking six stylish ladies what they would be buying this year and why.

When we ask you about buying NEOM goodies for gifts, we notice that so many of you tell us that you buy NEOM because you aren't just buying a cream, an oil or candle but because you're actually buying a treatment. I think it really does mean you’ve thought about your gift so much more. People are always touched when I have hand picked a treatment that I think will suit them, it's more personal somehow.

My sister works so hard I think she needs something to really help her sleep this Christmas and will treat her to some Tranquillity body oil, my best friend has been a bit down the past month so I'll treat her to a Sumptuous home candle, which will really lift her mood and my husband always thinks it's thoughtful when I fill his bath with Refresh bath oil after he’s been playing sport – it soothes his aches and pains away in five minutes flat! The Luxe Bath kits we've launched this Christmas are brilliant for giving someone an 'intense treatment' – we've worked out that a capful of the oil and half an hour of the candle lit will work as a very deep treatment.

And I have to remind you that the Christmas Wish candle is flying out – I know we won’t have any left very soon so if you like our signature scent of Christmas cakes baking (and £1 goes to the Make A Wish foundation for children) you need to snap yours up now...Please drop us a line on our Facebook page and tell us which gifts you are buying, who for and why, we'd love to know.

Happy Shopping!
Much love, Nicola

0 Comments | Posted in News All By Guy Bannister

Since January (seriously – we work that early) we’ve been racking our brains as to what would make the most perfect gifts. We always like to push the idea of gift-giving that bit further and make things even more special.


We came up with the idea for Luxe Bath Essentials after a conversation in the office about what amount of essential oils would absorb/inhale perfectly to create the perfect treatment. NEOM's founder, Nicola, likes a particularly strong treatment bath with 2 capfuls, I prefer just 1, but somewhere between 1-2 capfuls and an hour of a lit candle should provide you with the perfect treatment.


Hand wash and lotion kits are something we're always asked for, but we're working on a fantastic ‘reduce your chemical count' campaign next year and we think if you are going to change even just one product in your home to an organic version, it should be the hand wash or lotion, especially because the average woman uses over 250 chemicals on her skin every day and every member of your family uses these products. So we've created Organic Hand Wash & Lotion Collections in three scent variants.


My personal favourite gift this year is the limited edition Christmas Wish Candle… yes we make these every year, but this year we plumped for sparkling paper boxes with luxe black ribbons and gold candle glass and I love them – you have no idea how many different sparkly papers and prints I’ve looked at to find my perfect version in this twinkly gold number! The matching limited edition Christmas Wish Reed Diffuser is fabulous too, with a limited edition gold cap.


We try to make our distinctly Christmassy scent different though – I think this smells of Christmas cakes baking… and to achieve that with just 100% essential oils is really something we are proud of, plus £1 from all the Christmas Wish Candles & Reed Diffusers goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They will be launching on in the next week or so, even though I’m now focusing on summer 2012...(!)


If you have any questions as to how we make the products or you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to email me at

I can’t wait to see what products become your favourites!

Much festive love, Vicky Bellerby, Product Development Manager.

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Wow did you see the amazing picture of Princess Charlene of Monaco receiving her NEOM goody bag at the Variety Club Golden Jubilee ball at Harewood House?


It was an amazing night raising over £200k for under privileged children…and NEOM was invited!


Princess Charlene looked beautiful in her gold dress and was very relaxed even taking part in bids during the auction (auction lots included celebrity chef Rosemary Schrager whipping up dinner at your home or three nights in the Capri Palace Hotel…how fabulous). It was HRH's first official event since her wedding and she looked stunning.


All the ladies at the event were gifted one of our Inspiration candles with Violet, Chamomile and Cedarwood and the Princess was very excited when we gave her hers.



We popped some specially chosen bits in there for her including Complete Bliss Body Lotion, Real Luxury body oil and an Inspiration Home candle which she adored.


0 Comments | Posted in News All By Adam Lappin

Scenting Camp Kerala at Glastonbury...

5 July 2011 01:00:00 BST

We have just about recovered from an amazing time at Glastonbury and being blown away by the uber-exclusive Camp Kerala. If you haven’t heard of this VVIP secluded site, raised ever so slightly away from the madness but with views to die for and dotted with romantic Indian-inspired tents, you need to get yourself on the guest list for 2012! NEOM scented the chic camp with a range of our heavenly cult candles, oozing essential oils to revive frazzled celebs and VIPs alike. The spa was a haven of bodies soothed and scrubbed to perfection with our scrubs and oils. If glamping is cheating... well, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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That daily Feel Good Factor...

20 May 2011 01:00:00 BST

Beauty Director of Psychologies Magazine Emine Ali Rushdon tells us what gives her that daily Feel Good Factor: The power of the ritual with a long soak in the bath...


It’s the simplest things in life we so often take for granted. Waking up in a comfortable bed. Washing our faces with warm water. Curling up with a cup of tea and sinking into a good book. These are the things that balance us, that allow us to reflect, that soften the blows of our busy lives and without sometimes knowing it, make us feel our best every day.


Since having my little girl, 8 months ago now, my home rituals have taken on a sacred importance they never possessed before. My daughter likes order – if dinner is late or bath time is missed, she gets a strange, withdrawn look in her eye – she’s off-centre – and then, of course, the wailing begins.



It’s taken us a long time to realise, but with a day that runs in an ordered, but easy-feeling, unrushed, way, everything becomes more pleasurable.


From waking up, the 3 of us, all in one bed – my little one slapping our faces until we’re fully conscious, then giving us a big gummy smile as we turn our attention to her – to preparing some semblance of a family breakfast, which, of course, isn’t the lashings of tea and fresh bread and piles of eggs and sweetest jam it used to be... But is still a breakfast, around a table, feeding the little one, fielding her needs, tickling jammy hands and enjoying – despite the ungodly hour – the morning, another morning, all together.


The day takes various forms, but some things remain the same. A lunchtime nap (which can top the two hour mark if we’re lucky) allows the rest of the family to settle down with the paper, brew a pot of tea, enjoy a good lunch, and occasionally grab some extra winks on the sun-flooded sofa.


Bath time, however, is when the smile really spreads... With a generous glug of NEOM Complete Bliss Bath Oil – which soothes her, and me – and I step into the water, babe-in-arms, and let her splash her cares away with her toys, while I lean back and take her, and everything else, in.


Once she’s deeply asleep, a sip of wine, a home-cooked meal, a lit candle to help me feel relaxed (I rotate NEOM Relax and Tranquillity), and a couple of hours watching favourite DVDs (anything by Aaron Sorkin; any good period drama, anything set in Paris) sets the evening’s mood.... And a couple of hours later, off to bed, another early night, in preparation for another, very early, start.



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The scent of a wedding

15 April 2011 01:00:00 BST


Ever since Zoe our sales coordinator recently got engaged, team NEOM have been in wedding fever.


You’re the bride to be. You have your dress and secured the venue of your dreams. Your honeymoon’s booked, the cake is on order and the flowers are set to be utterly spectacular, but have you considered the first impression that’ll stay with you and your guests forever?


The scent of your venue...


We offer a bespoke organic scenting service to give your special day the ultimate atmospheric touch. Surround your church or venue with an organic scent to subconsciously relax both yourself and your guests, whilst providing an individual and memorable backdrop to your big day.


We’d love to share with you some fabulous feedback from customers, friends and some of the NEOM team on their NEOM wedding scenting experience...


“I decided to gift a Refresh (Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil) travel candle to every female guest as a gorgeous favour at my wedding. Everyone thought it was a lovely surprise”

Vicky married in Harrogate, 2009


“I loved the fact that this beautiful scent created a most memorable backdrop for my big day. Everyone was the ultimate atmospheric touch”

Cecily married at Claridge’s, London, September 2010


“The minute I walked into the venue, I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful scent. Later, we all received a Travel Candle of ‘their scent’, how perfect! Forever when I smell that scent I’m reminded of their big day.”

Jane, wedding guest at Yvonne’s wedding, Marquee in Somerset, June 2010


“I wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere at my wedding to make everyone feel at ease. I used the real luxury scent with candles dotted about the marquee. The Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood combination really off-set the roses which were my choice of flower during my big day”

Yvonne on her choice of scent at her wedding, June 2010


“My wedding was in the spring so we wanted a really fresh scent which was zingy and zesty. I chose invigorate. The fabulous grapefruit was so punchy everyone commented on the light, clean fragrance. Now my spring isn’t the same without a touch of grapefruit in the house.”

Collette, married in the North West, 2008


“I got married in a marquee in my parent’s garden. It was a pretty hectic affair so I thought it would be nice to create a little chill-out zone in secluded corner. We scattered cushions and lit tranquillity (English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine) not too woody that it would send them to sleep, but just enough strength for that half hour respite away from the champagne and dancing!”

Nicola, married in Yorkshire, 2006


Get in touch with us at if you’d like help deciding which candles or scent would suit your wedding style or venue.



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