I lie on my bed and read a book, or soak in the bath with music on, and Neom Candles are always on. I love just having them around the house because they’re pretty and warming, even the glass they hold them in is gorgeous. That’s my ultimate way of relaxing, for sure.
-Jodie Kidd

A perfect night in for me as the weather grows chilly is to cook up a good batch of healthy, nutritious soup. At the moment, I’m loving a sweet potato and coconut cream one which I made a batch of the other day. Post soup there’s nothing like getting in to a warm bath listening to some India.Arie with some Bath Oil and Neom Candle, I’m all set!
-Madeleine Shaw, Nutritionist

My perfect night in is sharing a healthy home-cooked meal with my family, having a bath with my little girls and then hopefully they go to bed on time so I can watch whatever my favourite box-set of the moment is.
-Calgary Avansino,
Contributing Editor of British Vogue & Wellness Expert