Easy Dinner Party Centre Piece by Lucy MacNicoll


Lucy is Neom’s go-to florist for all our needs. Creating stunning displays for our events as well as for the home, we asked Lucy to give us the simplest way of creating a perfect piece for your dinner party at home.

Visit Lucy's website at www.lucymacnicoll-flowers.com


To create the display you will need:

Cube vase in a colour of your choice
Clear tape
Sharp scissors
12 stem roses in a colour of your choice - we have used Avalanche, Sweet Avalanche, Upper Secret and Quick Sand


1. Fill your vase with half water. Cut each of the 12 rose stems to size (make sure they are just a little smaller than the depth of your vase so the roses don’t sit proud of the vase).

2. Begin cutting the lines of clear tape - you will need 5 pieces the length and width of the vase.

3. Start placing and sticking down the pieces of tape (3 pieces one way and then lay the other 2 in the opposite direction). This will create 12 square holes to place your roses.

4. Begin placing the roses gently in the square holes. One-by-one, until the vase is full.

5. Lightly spray the design with water and then place as your table centre piece.

6. Make up 2 or 3 of these for a long table or choose a larger vase for a circular table and make up one for the centre.