Happy New Year! So…New Year, new leaf, new promises – yes, we all know that one! But this year we’re committing to some real positive change here at NEOM.

Did you know that the average woman is putting some 250 chemicals on her skin every day? From shampoo and conditioner, to shower gel and bubble bath, body oils and lotions. And let’s not forget washing up liquid, liquid soaps, washing powders...the list goes on. Often there is further exposure to unborn babies and children in the house. The cumulative effect of these chemicals, used by women over decades, is slowly coming to light - but much remains unknown. We’re challenging you to do one easy thing…REDUCE your count. We understand that you can’t live a completely chemical-free life, we want to offer everyday alternatives to help reduce your chemical count and that of your family…

Why This Matters:

  • 1. In an exclusive NEOM poll of 100 women, 95% did not correctly recognise ONE ingredient on the back of their beauty products. This means many of their buying decisions are based on a fundamental trust of the industry and of the claims they make.

  • 2. There is nothing to force EU cosmetics manufacturers to test their products for long-term use, or to effectively predict the effect on humans when used alongside dozens of other chemicals.

  • 3. Toxic chemicals find their way into our bodies - up to 60% of them are absorbed into the skin, into our bloodstream, our breast milk…and our children. And diseases linked to the absorption of synthetic chemicals – including breast cancer, testicular cancer, kidney damage and reproductive problems – are on the rise.

  • 4. Many chemicals in everyday products, such as propylene glycol and SLS, actually quicken skin-ageing, the very thing most brands claim to reverse!

My 3 Easy Swaps to Make Today:

  • 1. Organic Hand Wash and Lotion – an everyday family product. Our range offers the organic and totally luxurious alternative, with more scents coming in March.

  • 2. Organic Body Wash and Lotion – applied to the largest surface area every day.

  • 3. Organic Candles – toluene and benzene (found in paraffin wax) are the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. NEOM’s new Happiness candle, blended from pure vegetable waxes, is launching in February as the latest addition to our candle library of 11 amazing scents.

Some great reading:

  • 1. Not Just A Pretty Face – By Stacey Malkan

  • 2. Cosmetics Unmasked: Your Family Guide to Safe Cosmetics and Allergy-free Toiletries – By Dr Stephen Antczak

  • 3. Toxic Beauty: The Hidden Chemicals in Cosmetics and How They Can Harm Us – By Dawn Mellowship

  • 4. EWG – Environmental Working Group (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep)

  • 5. Campaign For Safe Cosmetics (http://safecosmetics.org/) Articles 300 & 682

  • 6. The Facts About (http://www.thefactsabout.co.uk)

GOOD LUCK and let us know how you’re getting on!