It’s easy to tell that we’re heading in to autumn because of the chill in the morning. Towards the end of August there's just that hint of a nip in the air and occasionally a mist settles in our back garden. I’m not going to lie to you I’ll miss this summer terribly. Not only has the weather been absolutely glorious but it’s been the first summer that my kids have been old enough to take part in real activities. We haven’t gone crazy but I have tried my best to keep them busy. We’ve been swimming more times than I care to think about ( a real tonic when the house is hot), we’ve been to local farms in the area and picked our own fruit, we’ve been to a couple of theme parks and also just visited friends that have had paddling pools filled to the brim in their back gardens.

Next week the house will be very quiet as the kids won’t be here all of the time. They will be back at pre-school and as they are getting older and their sessions will become more frequent. Of course this will give me more time to work on my own projects but there’s something about having the kids in the house (no matter how annoying they may be at times) that leaves me utterly bereft when they are no longer there. It becomes not just quiet, it’s almost deathly silent and that takes me a day or so to get used to. Of course once I’m used to it I’m right back on track and it has to be said I’m looking forward to the time of year when it all turns cosy.

So what will I do to fill the void when my Smalls are at pre-school?
Well, the question is what won’t I be doing! I’m incredibly lucky to be still attending events and book signings for my first book – The Handmade Home – and I am also renovating my home almost single handedly. I’m absolutely determined to have all Christmas presents wrapped and stashed away by the end of November whilst also trying to work on and keep a top secret project under wraps for as long as I can stand it.

But this Autumn I do want to take time to relax. The early part of this year taught me an awful lot about just stopping for a moment. It showed me the importance of switching off all computers, giving up all of my plans and just allowing life to unfold in front of my eyes without me poking my nose in. So although I’ll be busy I’ll also be doing my best to ensure that I’m balanced. Because in balance I’ll find all I’m looking for, whether the kids are here and screaming or the house is silent and empty, I’ve a good feeling that all will be well this autumn.