We thought we'd give you a little shot of inspiration early on by asking six stylish ladies what they would be buying this year and why.

When we ask you about buying NEOM goodies for gifts, we notice that so many of you tell us that you buy NEOM because you aren't just buying a cream, an oil or candle but because you're actually buying a treatment. I think it really does mean you’ve thought about your gift so much more. People are always touched when I have hand picked a treatment that I think will suit them, it's more personal somehow.

My sister works so hard I think she needs something to really help her sleep this Christmas and will treat her to some Tranquillity body oil, my best friend has been a bit down the past month so I'll treat her to a Sumptuous home candle, which will really lift her mood and my husband always thinks it's thoughtful when I fill his bath with Refresh bath oil after he’s been playing sport – it soothes his aches and pains away in five minutes flat! The Luxe Bath kits we've launched this Christmas are brilliant for giving someone an 'intense treatment' – we've worked out that a capful of the oil and half an hour of the candle lit will work as a very deep treatment.

And I have to remind you that the Christmas Wish candle is flying out – I know we won’t have any left very soon so if you like our signature scent of Christmas cakes baking (and £1 goes to the Make A Wish foundation for children) you need to snap yours up now...Please drop us a line on our Facebook page and tell us which gifts you are buying, who for and why, we'd love to know.

Happy Shopping!
Much love, Nicola