Since January (seriously – we work that early) we’ve been racking our brains as to what would make the most perfect gifts. We always like to push the idea of gift-giving that bit further and make things even more special.


We came up with the idea for Luxe Bath Essentials after a conversation in the office about what amount of essential oils would absorb/inhale perfectly to create the perfect treatment. NEOM's founder, Nicola, likes a particularly strong treatment bath with 2 capfuls, I prefer just 1, but somewhere between 1-2 capfuls and an hour of a lit candle should provide you with the perfect treatment.


Hand wash and lotion kits are something we're always asked for, but we're working on a fantastic ‘reduce your chemical count' campaign next year and we think if you are going to change even just one product in your home to an organic version, it should be the hand wash or lotion, especially because the average woman uses over 250 chemicals on her skin every day and every member of your family uses these products. So we've created Organic Hand Wash & Lotion Collections in three scent variants.


My personal favourite gift this year is the limited edition Christmas Wish Candle… yes we make these every year, but this year we plumped for sparkling paper boxes with luxe black ribbons and gold candle glass and I love them – you have no idea how many different sparkly papers and prints I’ve looked at to find my perfect version in this twinkly gold number! The matching limited edition Christmas Wish Reed Diffuser is fabulous too, with a limited edition gold cap.


We try to make our distinctly Christmassy scent different though – I think this smells of Christmas cakes baking… and to achieve that with just 100% essential oils is really something we are proud of, plus £1 from all the Christmas Wish Candles & Reed Diffusers goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They will be launching on in the next week or so, even though I’m now focusing on summer 2012...(!)


If you have any questions as to how we make the products or you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to email me at

I can’t wait to see what products become your favourites!

Much festive love, Vicky Bellerby, Product Development Manager.