Beauty Director of Psychologies Magazine Emine Ali Rushdon tells us what gives her that daily Feel Good Factor: The power of the ritual with a long soak in the bath...


It’s the simplest things in life we so often take for granted. Waking up in a comfortable bed. Washing our faces with warm water. Curling up with a cup of tea and sinking into a good book. These are the things that balance us, that allow us to reflect, that soften the blows of our busy lives and without sometimes knowing it, make us feel our best every day.


Since having my little girl, 8 months ago now, my home rituals have taken on a sacred importance they never possessed before. My daughter likes order – if dinner is late or bath time is missed, she gets a strange, withdrawn look in her eye – she’s off-centre – and then, of course, the wailing begins.



It’s taken us a long time to realise, but with a day that runs in an ordered, but easy-feeling, unrushed, way, everything becomes more pleasurable.


From waking up, the 3 of us, all in one bed – my little one slapping our faces until we’re fully conscious, then giving us a big gummy smile as we turn our attention to her – to preparing some semblance of a family breakfast, which, of course, isn’t the lashings of tea and fresh bread and piles of eggs and sweetest jam it used to be... But is still a breakfast, around a table, feeding the little one, fielding her needs, tickling jammy hands and enjoying – despite the ungodly hour – the morning, another morning, all together.


The day takes various forms, but some things remain the same. A lunchtime nap (which can top the two hour mark if we’re lucky) allows the rest of the family to settle down with the paper, brew a pot of tea, enjoy a good lunch, and occasionally grab some extra winks on the sun-flooded sofa.


Bath time, however, is when the smile really spreads... With a generous glug of NEOM Complete Bliss Bath Oil – which soothes her, and me – and I step into the water, babe-in-arms, and let her splash her cares away with her toys, while I lean back and take her, and everything else, in.


Once she’s deeply asleep, a sip of wine, a home-cooked meal, a lit candle to help me feel relaxed (I rotate NEOM Relax and Tranquillity), and a couple of hours watching favourite DVDs (anything by Aaron Sorkin; any good period drama, anything set in Paris) sets the evening’s mood.... And a couple of hours later, off to bed, another early night, in preparation for another, very early, start.