Mood Foods
An unreasonably bad mood, an afternoon of zero energy, a night lying awake making lists in your head may be common to us all, but who says we have to put up with regularly feeling rubbish? Many people don’t realise the vital link between how we feel mentally and our eating habits, so we’ve put together a quick glance guide to boosting your mood:

How to switch off
Try breathing exercises, which work wonders for energising the body and clearing the mind. Combine healthy carbohydrates with protein - fruit with some nuts, brown rice with fish to help reduce stress hormones. Nuts, seeds, beans and lentils contain both protein and carbohydrates and therefore are good anti-stress foods.

Clamber out of the energy slump
Relying on addictive stimulants such as coffee, fizzy drinks, chocolate, etc. will deplete the body of nutrients and make you feel even more tired. Eat low GI foods, avoid stimulants and flood the body with nutrients. Try a Superfood like nutrient-dense spirulina, which provides B vitamins, and complete protein to help maintain a stable sugar balance.

Banish bad moods
Go for a walk, listen to upbeat music, phone a friend. Ensure you’re eating good quality protein (eggs, spirulina), essential fatty acids (fish, seeds, oils), B vitamins (whole grains) and vitamin D (fish, butter) in food or in supplement form. These all help us to build neurotransmitters which regulate mood and energy.

Focus on this
Meditation nourishes the mind. Fifteen minutes a day is all you need: set aside time to sit in silence, focus on your breathing, let go of thoughts. Drink herbal tea to stay hydrated – important for concentration – ginseng tea is good for focus.

Supercharge me
Constant pressure reduces your body’s ability to deal with stress. At this point, it is important to nourish the adrenals. Try maca: a superfood used for thousands of years, which can help rebalance levels of cortisol and insulin and encourage the thyroid to work more effectively.

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