My favourite scent is Tranquillity, it brings a sense of calm to the house. The mix of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine is gorgeous.
- Lisa Snowdon

I absolutely love Neom products. I received the Tranquillity candle and room spray for my birthday last year, they smell like heaven! They are packed with essential oils which really helped me relax and focus, and it lasted for ages.
- Lisa Faulkner

Neom Organics home candle in Tranquillity is the best scent I've ever smelt. At the weekend or if I'm having a bath, I always light one. It just fills the air with the most gorgeous smell.
- Victoria Pendleton

I've just woken up from one of the best night’s sleep I've had in what feels like forever.
- Jennie May from

Made up of the same essential oils as my long-time favourite room spray, the Perfect Night’s Sleep kit includes a luxurious Tranquillity candle, bath foam and pillow mist that smell of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine - a long pamper-filled evening followed by a spritz on my pillow and I'm out like a light.
- Stephanie from

Can I just say that I have trialled the Tranquillity sleep set and it is quite simply amazing! I don't usually rave on about things but when sleep is so important to me this is like a little piece of heaven! Thank you so much for introducing it to me, it is fantastic! I feel more relaxed and calm - (my husband says it's worth its weight in gold!). More sleep is a happier me.
- Julieanne Reilly via Facebook

Neom’s new Tranquillity Bath Foam really is a snooze enhancer. Its mix of lavender, basil and jasmine is remarkably soothing and leaves you ready for bed.
- Sunday Times Style

Unwind with the Tranquillity Bath Foam from Neom Organics. Potent essential oils English lavender, fresh basil and jasmine will leave you in a haven of calm.
- Conde Nast Traveller

We love Neom Organic Treatment Candle in Tranquillity.
- Marie Claire