When the beautiful Goop newsletter popped into our inboxes last evening (the weekly publication curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, where Gwyneth shares the best of lifestyle) we were expecting the usual fabulous read and soft-and-stunning photography. Whilst scrolling down, we saw ‘I’m loving’ where Gwyneth shared a few things she’s loving and what did we see but the most lovely shot of our Relax candle - it’s so lovely and thrilling that we just had to share this with you. Seeing such things makes us really proud and has caused many, many smiles here at Neom HQ on this snowy Friday.


If you’re not signed up to Goop we really recommend it: www.goop.com


Happy Friday everyone and hope you enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend at home or building snowmen in your back garden.


Much love, Neom