The heady scent of delicate, white flowers drifts on a warm breeze as evening falls across a tropical island. A feeling of peace and utter contentment sweeps over you as you inhale deeply and, ah, exhale.

This is the feeling we wanted to inspire when we created our brand new Limited Edition Love Home Candle - presented in stylish black glass - which I’m really pleased to say is released today!

It’s the first time we’ve used tuberose as a main ingredient in a fragrance. We’d wanted to use it for a long time and saw our opportunity with this, a rich and creamy blend of florals, tuberose, mimosa and jasmine, warming with a hint of honey and spice, to appeal to men and women.

Known as the ‘night queen of the oils’ tuberose blooms when the searing sunshine drops in the sky in locations across India, Egypt and Morrocco; the relative cool of the evening coaxing its lily-like white flowers out.

The fact the tuberose blooms - and jasmine’s, as a matter of fact - are harvested at night give them a certain romantic quality and it is hardly surprising to hear that tuberose essential oil has long been used for conditions of the heart, bringing about a sense of calm and contentment in those who inhale it.

This is why we had to call our tuberose Home Candle Love. Whether for a partner, a family member or a friend, the feeling of love, and of being loved, is one of deep happiness, contentment and peace.

We hope you enjoy filling your home with Love.