It might be its rich and warming scent. Or it might be the happiness-inducing effect of its essential oils: ylang ylang, frankincense and patchouli. But our Sensuous fragrance has become one of our most popular, with customers describing it as ‘divine’, ‘luxurious’ and ‘intoxicating’.

The first of our Home Candles to feature chic black glass - our limited edition Love Candle, launched earlier this month, is the second - Sensuous became popular with beauty editors and interior design aficionados alike. And the Organic Hand Washes and Creams, Body Washes and Lotions in the Sensuous blend have become some of our best-selling body care products, too.

Like with all our blends, it was important to us to use only the highest quality ingredients and as much potent essential oil as we could get in. The idea was to make something, well, sensuous; a blend which would work as a relaxing and balancing treatment.

- Harvested from the striking yellow flower pictured on the box, ylang ylang essential oil has fantastic calming and anti-depressant qualities, and has been used to quell anger.
- Frankincense has long been used in meditation since it gently slows and regulates breathing.
- Patchouli reduces anxiety and lifts the spirits.

All boast aphrodisiac benefits too, making this rich, aromatic blend a lovely one for indulgent nights in.