Last week Nicola told us about the inspiration behind our brand new Home Candle, Love, so we thought we’d let you in on what makes its three main ingredients - tuberose, mimosa and jasmine – so, well, lovely!

Tuberose is a beautiful white, lily-like perennial which grows wild in tropical climes. It’s similar to jasmine in its heady, deeply floral and creamy fragrance. The essential oils from both have long been used in aromatherapy for their aphrodisiac qualities and to treat ‘conditions of the heart’, inspiring a feeling of calm, peace and deep satisfaction – not unlike the feeling of love itself – in those who inhale them.

Jasmine and tuberose only bloom in the evening, giving our farmers a short window of time in which to harvest the plants at their most highly fragranced and distill the oil to use in our Love blend.

It takes something in the region of 800,000 handpicked tuberose and jasmine blooms to make just 1 kilo of their essential oil. They’re expensive oils, so some companies have sought to emulate the scent in a lab, but we’re interested in the therapeutic effects of the pure, natural ingredient… better get picking, then!

We’ve combined these lovely white flowers with the yellow blooms of the mimosa tree; a complementary green and woody scent used to treat anxiety and stress. Our mimosa trees grow in the South of France and our farmers harvest and distil the oil at the optimum time, in early spring.

Of course, as with all our Candles, Love is hand-poured in Britain using a blend of 100% natural vegetable waxes and pure essential oils. No paraffin wax, no synthetic scents and absolutely no artificial chemicals. Just another thing to love about Love, really!