Nicola Elliott

Surely not? But if this cold, dark weather is leaving you feeling a bit flat right now, I thought I’d tell you about some of the things that are cheering me up and what I’m raiding from the NEOM stock cupboard this month.

I still think that the two most unsung NEOM hero’s are our Organic Body Oil and Organic Body Scrub. A winters night is just not the same for me if I haven't had a long soak in a Tranquillity bath followed by slathering myself in Real Luxury Body Oil. People always tell me they worry about oil being greasy or sticky – and I have used all those horrible oils in the past! I know what you mean. But they are so greasy because they contain silicones (plastics) which sit on the surface of the skin. The NEOM Body Oil, packed with organic safflower and jojoba is literally my best beauty secret, it sinks into my skin in a minute and makes me feel so soft plus the scent lingers and sends me into a heavenly sleep.

The scrub was something we originally developed for professional use only but after much ooo-ing and ahhing from the countries top therapists we decided to offer it to everyone. I was never a huge fan of scrubs – it seems like a fiddly thing to include into my (very pared down) beauty regime – but my, does this transform the feeling of your entire body. If you have ever tried a scrub, contemplated using one or even written them off because you didn’t find one good enough – I’d really urge you to try this one, it’s amazing!

Oh, and of course I’m lighting candles. All the time. My current favourite is Sumptuous; Neroli and Rose is all about comforting and indulging and if I can get a bit of this feeling into my home on a dark night I’m a very happy girl after all.

Body Oil, Body Scrub, and Candle Range