Smell is a hugely important sense and it can be very evocative. Often, when you are going about your daily life, you might suddenly pick up a scent and immediately be transported in your mind to memories of another place or time.

The power of fragrances over the imagination is truly incredible. This is partly what makes aromatherapy candles and other products so popular. They can help to changes people's moods dramatically and almost instantly.

If you are keen to create the perfect relaxing environment at home that puts you in a positive frame of mind, invest in some of the fantastic scented products available today.

At NEOM we take this one step further. Unlike many other companies, we do not use chemicals in our home fragrance spray or mists. We use completely organic ingredients. Meaning you can concentrate on making the most of the experience and unwind in the gorgeous aromas.

As well as helping you feel at peace, these natural beauty products can also inspire you, taking your thoughts to different places and helping you to enjoy a positive frame of mind.

Of course, we also provide a variety of other products, including bath oils, body lotions and much more. To see the full range, take a look around our website now.