When I’m home, a perfect night in for me will be catching up on my favourite TV shows. I travel often for work so I make sure I have plenty of Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey to keep me occupied when I come home! I find it so relaxing to just curl up in front of great TV.

It always helps to have candles on too for a really relaxed atmosphere. I don’t have the time to spend taking ages in the morning, so keep my beauty and skin regime pretty basic. I do love a nice body scrub though, like NEOM’s Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood scrub. It smells amazing and I love that it’s organic, too.

But what makes me feel most amazing, more than anything else, is listening to music. And dancing to it! Whether I’m by myself, dancing around the kitchen with the radio on full volume or out in a club with all my mates, having music blasting just makes me feel incredible. Especially reggae. Growing up in west London, my mum would always have reggae on so it had a huge influence on me and really shaped my musical tastes now.

Estelle’s album, All Of Me, is out 12 March