Like many people, you might have kicked off this month with a pledge to lead a healthier lifestyle. This is one of the most common new year's resolutions. However, it can be hard to keep, particularly given the pressures you may face during everyday life.

But there is one simple rule you can stick to that is not only easy, but also actively enjoyable and that is using natural beauty products rather than versions packed full of chemicals.

These days, many of the soaps, bath oils, home fragrances and other such offerings available for you to buy contain a strange cocktail of synthetic ingredients and no one really knows the long-term effects of prolonged usage of such offerings.

At NEOM we feel strongly about this issue. After all, why should you have to expose your body to such products when there are natural alternatives at the peak of luxury?

All our products are the ultimate in luxury. They smell and feel fantastic and aim to lift your mood and invigorate the soul. We achieve all of this without using chemical additives and preservatives.

With NEOM you can help to make your home a healthier place and you can achieve greater peace of mind when it comes to looking after not only your own well being, but also that of your household.

Going au naturel and investing in our organic candles, natural hand wash products and room fragrance is far from a chore - it is a genuine pleasure. Reducing your use of chemicals may be one of the easiest resolutions you ever make.