We’re incredibly proud of our candles; they really are second-to-none and we’d like to tell you why.

Each-and-every-one is made in the UK and hand-poured by our expert team. Our candles are gently blended with unique wax (that we make ourselves) which is 100% natural and sourced from sustainable and renewable crops from long- established farms. We never use off-the-shelf candle wax and you will never find things like chemical fertilizers, pesticides or artificial binders, additives or glue in them (which are used by others for better performance) - we don’t need these. Our blend has been especially formulated to achieve an exceptional (and perfectly clean) burning performance.


In each candle you will also find at least 10% pure essential oils (which equates to over 3 of the standard bottles of essential oils you can buy). Our ethos to only ever use essential oils means we have to spend more time creating a scent which not only smells amazing, but we have to make sure it blends well in natural wax which, unlike aroma chemical fragrances which are easy to formulate and blend, is often difficult to achieve.


Because our natural wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax (approximately 43 Degrees Celsius rather than 85 Degrees Celsius) it means it uses significantly less energy in production, which is great, however it does mean it needs a bigger dosage of scent to ensure a fabulous fragrance throw. So we make sure there is plenty thrown in.

Because our blend is so unique and uses ingredients derived from nature, these ingredients can often react differently and can vary season to season, crop by crop. This means we love to monitor each wick in every candle as sometimes the oils can react with the cotton wicks (no tin strands which is common in a lot of other candles) so we make amends as we go. We must also make sure we cure our candles for at least 5 days to allow the ingredients to settle, and then we perform diligent and copious burn testing to ensuring every candle burns flawlessly and provides the most perfect scent possible. It’s not like working with chemical mixes and a man-made product with a consistent formula where you just press a button and you can churn out as many as you like. At Neom we take our time to make our candles - we blend then re-blended, trial then test to bring you a product which is incomparable and truly unique.