There are huge differences between natural candles and synthetic ones. When Neom Luxury Organics launched in 2005 we were the first brand to produce 100% natural candles, scented only with essential oils. We visited countless manufacturers who said using natural wax and pure essential oils couldn’t be done, but we managed to work out a way.

There’s good reason for all this effort. Most candles on the market are made using paraffin wax, derived from petroleum and therefore releasing toxins like carcinogens when burned. Founder, Nicola Elliott says, “Just as I wouldn’t allow someone to smoke in my house, I wouldn’t want to burn a candle that emitted toxins.”

Neom candles are made with a unique blend of natural wax and essential oils sourced from sustainable and renewable annual crops from long-established farms in North America and Europe. Supposed performance enhancing glues and additives are avoided at all costs when making our candles, as are pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

Of course, the reason for a scented candle is to create a pleasant smell in the home but, as a qualified aromatherapist Nicola wanted to go one step further and for Neom products to work as a therapeutic treatment too, choosing natural, pure essential oils instead of synthetic scents.

The aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils have been well-documented. Bergamot has antiseptic and healing properties, lavender is a natural sedative and oil distilled from rose petals has been used to ease tension, headaches and even hayfever. More than simply having a nice smell in their home, Neom customers were able to use the candles, and more recently all the other home fragrance and body care products, as effective treatments to refresh, uplift, build confidence and relax them on a daily basis.

Every Neom candle is expertly hand-poured around a natural cotton wick and left to cure for five days to allow the wax and fragrance to settle and even out.

By the time it’s packaged, sent out to the customer and lit, the candle will burn cleanly - with no soot - and evenly - right to the edge of the glass and down to the base (our home candles burn for some 55 hours). It will also make the customer feel better, which makes our expert team, from the farmers and botanists, through to the craft team and designers, really proud.