Happiness Is…

We asked some members of the team here at Neom for the feel-good promises they’re making to themselves and sticking to this year


I saw a great quote that I’m going to remember to make me mindful of living in the moment; ‘people wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness’. Why wait when it is here right now?

- Nicola Elliott, Co-founder


I took up roller derby last year and intend to carry that on. It’s quite an intimidating full contact sport, friends & family keep saying it’s not what they’d expect from a quiet person like me. But joining has made me a whole new set of friends and when I’m there the adrenaline overpowers any worries from earlier in the day. I can recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something unexpected!

- Ali Schofield, Writer


I love tennis so I’m going to make it my mission to find a tennis club with indoor facilities for over winter so I can play all year round. I think once you find an exercise you love it’s easy to keep it up.

- Kate Morrell, Marketing


I live by the adage that travel broadens the mind so my aim is to take a photo of myself in at least three impressive destinations this year. It gives me a goal to work toward so that I won’t feel guilty about booking the breaks!

- Adam Lappin, Web Manager


With a busy job and a two year old, I don’t get a lot of me-time and tend to let other concerns get in the way, so I’m setting myself specific dates and times for this - a half hour bath, an hour’s reading by the fire and so on - putting them in my diary and sticking to them no matter what. If anyone asks, I’ve got an appointment that I can’t change. It’s so important for your state of mind

- Lucy Gill, PR Manager