Here at Neom, we love nothing more than delving into beautiful interiors magazines and discovering the latest trends.With this in mind, we spoke with our friend Tessa Pearson, Homes Director at ELLE Decoration UK, Editor at ELLE Decoration Country and blogger at, to discuss 2014 interiors news and home styling.

What interior trends can we expect in 2014?

Colour trends such as soft pink and forest green are big, but conversely, monochrome is still very popular. Metallic accents are everywhere and there’s a focus on mixing materials, as well as a lean towards timeless pieces that are built to last.

Our exotic scented, black glass Sensuous Home Candle has been hailed as an interior decoration key piece – why do you think it’s hit such a chord?

Black is always impactful, but I think people sometimes shy away from using it in their homes. Adding hits of black through carefully chosen accessories is a great way to bring a bit of depth and definition to a simple interior scheme.

How do you use scent to create an ambience in a room?

I like to choose a scent according to either the space I’m in, the time of day or the season. For example, something light and fresh tends to cut through lingering cooking smells in the kitchen, and a warmer, heavier, spicier scent makes a home feel cosy on winter evenings. And there’s nothing like a NEOM Tranquillity candle for helping you get to sleep at night!

Can you share any savvy ideas on using small, city apartment space wisely?

I think in any small home it’s important to edit your possessions and think about what you really need. An uncluttered house always feels more spacious than one that’s filled with stuff. Built-in and concealed storage will help to maximise the space available, and choosing items that are beautiful as well as useful means that that basic necessities will enhance an interior when left out on display.

How would you describe your own home’s style?

Simple and natural. I’m not a fan of bright colours in the home, and would always choose quality materials over anything synthetic. I like to add interest through texture and greenery. I love being surrounded by plants!

As a busy editor, what do you do to wind down at home at the end of the day?

If it’s light enough, I’ll go for a run in the woods, if not, then I’ll do some yoga. I’m training to be a yoga teacher so I’m always trying to squeeze in practice time! But stepping through the front door is normally enough to make me feel relaxed – a home cooked meal and a hot bath always seems to eradicate of the stresses of the day.