Our campaign this season focusses on being happy, and as our rose feel-good fragrance, the award-winning Complete Bliss range therefore once again takes centre stage.

The rose is perhaps the most iconic flower in the world – a peachy head turned up to the sun, with thorny foliage beneath. Potent, sweet, musky, spicy, instantly recognisable and used for centuries as one of the earliest perfume ingredients.

It’s easy to think we know everything there is to know about the famous bloom. But when it comes to extracting the natural scent, there’s a lot to learn, as we discovered when we created our now acclaimed Complete Bliss fragrance several years ago.

As with all our scents, it was important to us to source 100% real essential oils, no additives, and find the best plant possible for both its scent and its therapeutic properties, of which there are many.

It is thought that rose was first used for its medicinal properties by monks as far back as the 1st Century and the essential oil is still used as something of an all-purpose healer. One of the greatest stress-relieving and depression-fighting essential oils, it uplifts the mood, builds confidence, calms, promotes feelings of wellbeing and has even been used to treat anger issues in patients. Complete Bliss indeed.

After sniffing hundreds of blooms, we chose a particular type grown in Morocco for its slightly fresher, cleaner, more modern scent. The flowers grown in our North African fields benefit from year-round sunshine and smell utterly divine for it. We harvest in the morning, from a vast carpet of pink velvety flowers some 35kms long, extracting the oil by carefully controlled steam distillation (too much heat can damage the aroma).

While the rose scent on its own is beautiful, we coupled it with a dash of black pepper and lime for a modern, unique fragrance with a refreshing kick to complement rose’s uplifting properties.

Here’s what some of our celebrity fans have had to say about our wonder-fragrance.


I’m in love with the Moroccan blush rose scent in everything! The smell is just gorgeous.

- Daisy Lowe, Model


Neom’s Moroccan blush rose candle. The scent is so calming and delicious.

- Katie Derham, Newscaster & Presenter



As a self-confessed beauty junkie I love Neom’s Moroccan blush rose Body Oil. I’ll use this straight out of the bath and it leaves my skin super-soft.

- Millie Mackintosh, Actress & Model