Atterley Road is the go-to online location for all the girls in the office. A perfect shop for beautiful, super-chic satchels to a gorgeous statement necklaces, Atterley Road is one of our favourite brands.


What’s the story behind Atterley Road, how/why did you start up?
My inspiration for Atterley Road was born out of my personal frustrations with shopping in general, I found it increasingly hard work to find products that were relevant for me and my lifestyle, everything either felt too young, too cheap or too expensive - I wanted to create a one-stop-shop where I could shop and find exciting new discovery labels sitting alongside my already known and favourite brands at an accessible price. Curation is key for Atterley Road and I work very closely with my team of buyers to ‘cherry pick’ the best pieces from our labels and style them in a way that I know is relevant for our customer.


Do you have a go-to brand for work wear?
MiH for shirts - the quality of the cotton is just luxurious! And also Pyrus for smarter suiting - they always have a little attention to detail which makes their styles stand out from the crowd.


How do you relax at the end of a busy day?
I get home in time to feed my 11 month old his last bottle of the day and then have a cuddle with him before his bedtime, I then try and switch off with a large glass of wine!


What is your all-time favourite Neom scent and why?
Tranquillty - It is just so intoxicating! I have a candle at home and on my desk as well as the room spray - people never fail to comment on the scent when they walk into my house or office and it smells just like a spa!


Which Christmas scent from Neom is your fav?
The Christmas Comforting candle, I love the earthy tones in this candle and find it incredibly homely!


Do you have any festive family traditions?
I come from a very tight knit family and we always ensure we are together at Christmas - Last Christmas I was in hospital on the labour ward so this Christmas will be extra special!


What’s a typical day for you in your Chelsea office in the lead up to Christmas
Lots of chocolate and christmas tunes! At the moment we are all singing to Michael Buble and munching on Quality Street! We have our Christmas drinks on Tuesday so i'm sure they'll be some stories to tell after that!