Being a full time mum and full time managing director of JoJo I really have NO ‘me time'. I don't mind one bit, but sometimes I remember the days when I would curl up in front of the TV with the fire crackling merrily. Or even better get into bed nice and early after a hot bath to read and read and read. Those days are pretty much on hold at the moment. I never seem to get through the long list of commitments and I am not often in bed before the early hours. Whilst I don't have much time for pampering, Neom's body lotion is fab and I'm a huge fan of the Neom scented candles, which have the most delicious aromas. As for a beauty regime - well it's a quick scrub and off I go, hair often wet.


But who cares about filed nails and blow dried hair, I'd far rather be laughing with my kids over their latest antics at school or trying, and generally failing, to help with homework. Weekends are spent on the side lines of numerous sporting events which is thankfully quite rewarding since they have inherited an athletic disposition from their dad. I'm not a competitive mum and I never shout from the side-lines .... but I do like to see them win!


As soon as I'm through with my parental duties there is just SO MUCH TO DO ... always. Literally hundreds of emails to answer a day, dozens of little issues to trouble shoot, a new JoJo Maman Bébé store each month to negotiate, design, fit out and open, international JoJo to get off the ground, plus all the everyday issues which go hand in hand with running a growing company. And to top it all ... people keep asking me to do things like write this blog! I'm hopeless at saying no ... and of course I love helping out.


So how to stay sane? How to relax? How to not become a control freak and go with the flow when things invariably go a little wrong? The answer is simple - cycle and cook! Yes my two passions in this mad busy stage of my life involved getting fatter and getting thinner. I love cooking and as soon as I get home from work I head for the kitchen and spend 30 minutes knocking together something that can bubble away till supper time. It's the gathering (I have herbs and veg in my tiny London garden), chopping and mixing that I love. I never use recipes preferring to experiment and taste as I go along. This way of relaxing is practical and efficient - we get to eat yummy home cooked food each night, I am in the house with the boys and my little one can do his homework at the kitchen table. Since I insist on a family dinner I make sure we get at least 30 minutes of conversation. Then I'm afraid it's back to the computer for me.


My second passion for relaxation is equally practical. By cycling I can guarantee that I get everywhere on time, I take the exercise I need to burn off all that food I have been making and better than anything I'm told I save 9.4 tonnes of CO2 per annum! I travel a lot and by cycling to the station and taking the train I can work during the journeys instead of wasting time and getting stressed out in traffic jams. And the very best thing of all is that I adore the fresh air, I relish the peace, I see the sunrise over the Serpentine on the way to Paddington and de-stress after a busy day in the office before I get back to my boys. So all in all - cycling is fabulous, great for the soul and brilliant on the pocket ... all the more money to spend on delicious food! "