Ahhh…my little girl Lexie giving her godmother Lucy some NEOM goodies for Christmas. This is the ‘other’ NEOM Christmas shoot that didn’t quite make the cut but we thought you might like to see anyway.

It was a great afternoon for getting first hand reviews on what everyone would like to see under the tree…

Lucy found it hard to give the Luxe Bath essentials and Christmas Wish Candle back. At first she thought the bath oil wouldn’t be for her on account of the fact she prefers showers, but once we explained this oil is an amazing shower experience too, she was holding onto it tight. You simply rub a capful across your décolletage then step into the warm shower, when the hot steam mixes with the oil is creates an amazing spa experience.

And this super cozy wood panelled room just didn’t seem right without a Christmas Wish Candle lit, it somehow changed the feeling of the whole home…so much so we put a few old Carols on and watched Lexie do her best Christmas dancing….ahhhh family Christmas’s are the best.

By Nicola xx