Following much indulgence and staying up too late, this January team NEOM would like to share with you some brilliant little helpful tips & hints to make January a feel-good month!


“I’m a sucker for accessories, so I love to hit the January sales and pick up a gorgeous new handbag which I know I will use all year long. It’s always a winner at making me feel good!” Vicky


“I’m afraid my saviour in January is throwing an online shopping night in. Getting the girls round to drink some Presecco whilst eating meze and scouring the sales online – a new pair of sparkly shoes or a great deal on our favourite nail polish perhaps, either way it does the trick in pepping us all up when the January blues hit!” Lucy


“January for me is always about rest and recuperation. I try and up my hours sleep from 7 to 9 hours per night after a hectic party season. The new Perfect Night Sleep duo is perfect for totally reviving me by putting something extra back into my body all month.” Yvonne


“Each Christmas I always ask for a new handbag or I treat myself to one in the sale! It gets a January clean-out and the contents get reorganised – you wouldn’t believe how therapeutic it is! I always add in a little something new like the new Handbag Essentials from NEOM. It makes me feel ready for the year ahead.” Nicola


“I love to read and because I love technology I recently invested in a Kindle. This January I am going to be filling it with lots of new books for the year ahead – sounds boring but it is has a become a little obsession.” Adam


“A bit of a cliché, however in January is my detox month! Hot water with a dash of lemon, getting my running kit on for a fresh morning run as well as stocking up on lots of fresh vegetables makes me feel really good. If I’m lucky I head to my local beauty salon Beauty Within in Otley Leeds is great for a day of pampering.” Beth