As the daughter of a gardener (and whose great great grandfather was also a gardener) I seem to have picked up a green finger here and there. Although I am no Laetitia Maklouf, I do like to dabble from time-to-time with my favourite plants, mainly in pots, but of late my summer obsession has been window boxes.

As my bluebells have come and gone, I keep pots of vibrant geraniums, dusky blue hydrangeas and lavender around the garden. The fence hosts a weave of honeysuckle for fragrance but it’s the climbing summer jasmine vine in a homemade (although the balcony gardener have some great ones) window box on my shed, which is also peppered with a trailing lobelia, that is the star attraction at the bottom of my garden.

This jasmine is a climber, so it’s beginning to cover (the not-so-pretty) shed windows. The beautiful, delicate white buds and petals have popped up and offer the most precious and pretty fragrance, which becomes more intensely sweet as the temperature drops each evening, setting the scent of calm over the garden and making my garden a little sanctuary.

A couple of tips for getting the most out of potted Jasmine.

1. Jasmine can grow quickly but it needs frequent pinching – so cut back the plant after it’s finished blooming and during summer to control growth and prevent tangling
2. Apply fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during growing season
3. Water jasmine in the morning, soaking the base of the plant
4. Plant near your home to enjoy the fragrance and get a good view of the butterflies it will attract!