As huge fans of Hush - the go-to brand for luxurious (and super-comfy) lounge wear and PJ’s. We spoke to Hush’s founder Mandy Watkins who told us about her evening and getting the perfect night sleep.

I love a good night out, but (like most women, I suspect) I also relish a night in and getting that important sleep, particularly at this time of year when it is starting to get dark a bit earlier.

So the first thing I do when I get home in the evening is to change into my pyjama trousers – my hush lightweight cotton poplin trousers in the summer, and brushed cotton flannel in winter. That’s my statement of intent: I’m not going anywhere.

The true wind-down to sleep only starts, however, after my children are in bed. The environment is crucial. I love candles, so if I’m not reading I’ll light the sitting room exclusively with candles. And I’ll put music on...

If I’m really cold – and our house is very open-plan so it’s a bit of a nightmare to heat – I might have a hot bath to warm me up, but most evenings I’ll spend reading, watching a film or looking at blogs.

I never look at my emails in the evening because that’s work-work. Looking at blogs is fun-work. I get lots of design inspiration from blogs, particularly interiors blogs. And it helps relax me after what has often been a stressful day.

I’m lucky – I’m not a worrier and I tend to sleep very well. But to help me on my way I have my trusted hush eye mask and Neom’s Tranquility Room Mist. Ah, I can feel myself getting sleepy already...