All month we’ve been passing on our favourite Christmas traditions. In this post some of our team share ideas for Christmas parties and New Year celebrations.


I use leftover roast potatoes, bacon and sprouts from the Christmas Day lunch in a frittata – just whip up eggs, milk and cheese, pour over the ingredients and bake.

- Adam Lappin - Web Manager


Classic nibbles with a luxury twist are a great success when guests come round. Try mini baked potatoes topped with caviar, vol au vents doused in truffle oil and retro cheese on sticks using vintage stilton and pickled chestnuts.

- Oliver Mennell, Co-founder


Christmas is when I take time to make classic cocktails for my guests. A Harvey Wallbanger looks really cool served in a jam jar decorated with a matching orange ribbon. I also discovered at a New Year’s celebration last year that hibiscus flowers look gorgeous in champagne and give it a lovely subtle flavour so I’ll be stealing that one for my parties.

- Becky Gale, National Account Manager


To try to ensure Christmas doesn’t just become a chocolate and sweet fest for the kids, as a treat I make up a big bowl of popcorn, cover it in a little oil and sprinkle edible glitter over it. The kids think it’s magic and it’s a much healthier option.

- Nicola Elliott, Co-founder