I use the Tranquillity mist on the kids’ beds every night before they get in - I’ve done it since they were babies in their cots! Because the mist is so pure and the scent is just pure essential oils it’s gentle enough to use for them and helps them sleep.
-Nicola Elliott, Neom Co-founder

My all-time favourite Neom fragrance is the luxurious Sumptuous scent! I especially like to have a Sumptuous Reed Diffuser in the spare bedroom when friends come to stay, as the combination of calming wild rose and uplifting neroli is perfect for helping them to feel settled.
- Vicky Bellerby, Marketing Manager

Our house is small and I don’t like to mix scents. I use a reed diffuser to act as a subtle layer of scent then I like to burn the home candle to enhance. Invigorate aroma is perfect in the day time or early evening. I have learnt from past experience that you shouldn’t burn this too late in the evening, as it is super powerful and it has made me wide awake when I should have been asleep.
-Nicola Durrant, Account Manager and Treatment Developer

Working from home means that I don’t have the chatter and camaraderie in the office that a lot of people have, so to keep me bright eyed and bushy tailed I rely on my Invigorate or Happiness Candle burning for a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon for a gentle kick of energy! Once my two year old is in bed, to be wide awake is the last thing on our minds, so we light a Tranquillity or Cocooning candle, to slow things down a notch and get us ready for a good night’s sleep.
- Abby Summerville, National Account Manager

I love to use Sumptuous for my home gatherings which are quite low-key. Rose is soothing and the precious neroli gently uplifts so everyone is always in a good mood and often wakes the next day feeling more awakened, like they have really taken time to relax with friends.
-Lucy, PR Manager

I love to scent my gatherings with Happiness, to makes everyone smile and feel happy!
- Becky Gale, National Account Manager

I tend to light a Real Luxury candle when I have friends round for dinner as I find the scent to be luxurious but still light and calming without being overpowering. People always comment on how lovely it smells!
-Kate Morrell, Marketing Assistant