Whilst training the therapists at The Woodlands Spa at Crow Wood Leisure health club we talked about effective essential oils. They are the ultimate in multi-tasking products, working both emotionally and physically but also as amazing skin treating oils.

Healthy skin should feel soft and smooth to the touch, think round and plump like a grape. If in reality your skin feels more like a raisin – dry and uneven in texture - no amount of moisturizer will remove the dead skin cells. I really believe everybody deserves time to look after themselves, so think like you were going for a treatment and remember to remove all your jewellery to ensure you treat all areas.

My favourite product all of all time is Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub; mix the oil and sugar together thoroughly, take a small tablespoon sized amount of the scrub (any more is wasteful), apply the sugar to damp skin and massage while in the bath or shower. This sugar scrub buffs the skin and leaves it softer and smoother.

The reason a therapist uses an oil when performing a full body massage is that this enables them to work on a deeper level, but the added benefit of using an aromatherapy oil is that this really enhances your mood. At Neom we don’t use any thick textured mineral oils, only light textured but super powerful Safflower & Jojoba. I love to use an oil as a pre-bed-time routine, Tranquillity Organic Body Oil is perfect. Lavender is wonderful to soothe stress and used long term can be a great treatment for depression. Essential oils start to work through inhalation in minutes, so focus on deep breathing to enhance your own experience. When applied to the skin they work as a good boost but I feel more importantly they improve the tonicity of the skin and offer anti-ageing qualities.

In a Neom body treatment we combine the effectiveness of Body Oil with Body Lotion to super charge the hydration. This has been my inspiration to use these products together at home.

My last product to use on a night, before turning out the lights, is Inspiration Hand Cream. A good Hand Cream for me should treat the hands and cuticles and should absorb super-fast. For my own hands I follow this ritual: apply the Hand Cream to the back of my hands first as this is where the skin needs the most hydration and lastly massage all over. I have refused to wear cotton gloves to bed!