Bluebells, ah the fragrance of bluebells, there’s nothing quite like that unmistakable, wild scent which enchants you whilst on a walk in an ancient bluebell wood in early summer. There has always been something about seeing a beautiful; delicate (not-like-any-other blue) carpet of bluebells that always instils to us how important nature is and how it really is central to what Neom is all about.

It is estimated that half of the world’s bluebells are found in the UK and the Woodland Trust, The UK's leading woodland conservation charity founded in 1972 says that “bluebells are a timeless example of the antiquity of our ancient woods” and we could not agree more.

In the creation of our bluebell scent, Enchantment, we teamed up with the Woodland Trust to help them reach their goal of creating England’s largest newly planted native forest, Heartwood Forest, which is the biggest woodland creation site in England covering over 850 acres. Their mission is to make this a forest of 600,000 new trees, miles of footpaths and bridleways, wildflower meadows and open spaces. And the Neom team went down to volunteer.

Our team of 12 boarded a mini bus extremely early one (very snowy) March morning from Harrogate to St Albans. Packed with waterproofs, wellies and spades, we descended upon the forest and spent the day planting sapling trees (over 900 actually) before taking a walk ourselves through this fabulous woodland. Heartwood Forest will help improve our national heritage of precious ancient woodland where bluebells thrive, and because we are truly in awe of this mission, with every Enchantment candle or reed diffuser we sell, Neom also donates £1 to the Woodland Trust.

Back home in Harrogate we have been potting-up and sprinkling bluebells seeds in our gardens and have been on the hunt to see bluebells popping up around Britain. Get in touch if you see some and tell us where:

Twitter: @neomorganics

We hope you’ll enjoy seeing our pics of our (rather wet & muddy) day with the Woodland Trust and hearing our story about the bluebell flower which enchants us here: