Neom’s Perfect Night In this October

This month the Neom team are celebrating the Perfect Night In with a campaign designed to make the most of your home time. The cold is nipping at our 70 deniers, the nights are drawing in and suddenly a pair of bed socks and a mug of hot chocolate seem a much more welcome prospect than going out for dinner. Or at least, inviting friends round for cosy dinner parties has climbed up the list for October.

We're serious about the aromatherapeutic qualities of the essential oils that go into our products, so the Perfect Night In for us means lighting an organic Real Luxury candle, running a bath and creating a home spa to soothe away our tensions and offer a little temporary hibernation. A girl after our own heart, Jodie Kidd has described her perfect night in: "I lie on my bed and read a book, or soak in the bath with music on, and Neom candles are always on."

The clocks go back later this month giving us all an extra hour in bed, but for all the other 90 odd days in autumn we've come up with a recommendation for autumn and winter scenting to keep you on top form.

The mornings are dark and drab so it's worth kicking off the day as you mean to go on with a shower using Refresh organic body wash - the Sicilian lemon will transport you to sunnier climes and the fresh basil is a natural mind clarifier. Moroccan blush rose is a mood enhancer and inspires confidence for tricky work tasks through the day; try a spritz of Complete Bliss room mist or a desk-top reed diffuser. Finally, make the most of the long, dark evenings by hunkering down at home with a bath enhanced by Real Luxury bath oil (scented with soothing lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, it's been described as the 'cashmere blanket' of our range) and a cosy night of reading scented with a Real Luxury candle.

Let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter if our scenting recommendation has worked for you this month and what makes your Perfect Night In.