At the change of seasons it’s really important to cleanse and I am really looking forward to my autumn cleanse.

An autumn cleanse gives your body a re-boot and a head start in preparation for the coming cold months when our immune system is not at its strongest. In addition, after a summer of drinking at summer festivals and Ibiza holidays in the sun our skin can tend to be quite dull. In fact this is the most common ‘in need of a detox’ reason I have heard all month from our clients. The hot summer days and our tans are fading fast but we can get that inner and outer glow from a cleanse and drinking green juices. Once you start you will be addicted! I know I am and my skin loves greens. Green juices repair the skin at a cellular level and provide super hydration which helps to combat lines and wrinkles.

Cleansing comes in many forms but the basic rule is to cut out the rubbish (aka toxins)! Yes, that means no booze for a while. You can go as deep, fast or slow as you like, fasting and cutting all solids from your diet and replacing with raw cold pressed juices is the quickest way to eliminate those toxins. If you’re the kind of person who can’t go without solids for 6 days then a gentler cleanse is also an option, juicing during the day and adding a plant based meal at lunch or supper. This meal must be nutrient dense and gentle on your digestion, always free from meat, wheat, dairy and sugar. Many people are uncertain about cleansing but we can honestly say the experience is enjoyable for 95% of people and the good outweighs the detox symptoms. It is a fantastic way of re-setting a healthy lifestyle and has a positive impact on many other areas of your life.

Natasha Davey is Founder of Raw to Door, a service which offers delicious, nutritious juice cleanses and combines juice and food programmes for a gentle cleanse.