There are many reasons why luxury room sprays have become so popular in recent years:

They are 100% safe
Although candles are always a very effective and popular option for adding scent to an indoor space, they are not without their limits. Naturally their open flames make them a less than ideal option when you have small children or energetic pets running around and many workplaces will be understandably reluctant to have them burning on their premises. Sprays on the other hand are 100% safe so they can be used to great effect just about anywhere.

They are effective
Because candle scents typically provide only light aromas, they can sometimes struggle to overpower strong odours. Concentrating a luxury spray burst in one specific area however can make it strong enough to take on even the most steadfast smells.

They come in a wide range
There is an incredibly wide range of luxury sprays available these days. Indeed, the sheer number of sprays which can be obtained means that there are scent options on hand to suit all tastes, moods, needs and environments.

They can vanquish odours which cleaning cannot beat
Although household cleaning can take care of many different odours, there are some smells which aren't so inclined to surrender when the air freshener comes out. Indeed, the smell of cooking can often stand up to an industrious cleaning session, but thankfully; it will soon surrender when a luxury room spray is brought in to bat.