We’ve got our creative hats on at NEOM Towers this May. In addition to being obsessed with getting your chemical count down, we are also big on recycling our NEOM containers & packaging. This doesn’t always mean throwing your finished NEOM goody in your green bin, at NEOM, we like to get imaginative and reuse them around the home.


See how resourceful some of the ever growing NEOM team have been with their fun & fabulous ideas and tips which not only save you that trip to the bottle bank, they’ll make your home unique!



NEOM’s Founder & Director, Nicola (former journalist & qualified aromatherapist) who you’ll know well, is renowned for loving a hot bath at the end of the day, even in the midst of summer! Nicola could never bear to get rid of our precious Bath Oil bottles so decided to keep it simple by adding a single rose to brighten up her bookcase.


Beth, NEOM’s Sales Coordinator, is a healthy green eater & our travelling guru most recently returning from Malaysia. Beth decided on a sunny evening that the Body Oils would make great home made salad dressing holders – brilliant!


Next is Adam who looks after the fabulous website, – the techy side of the business. The NEOM girls like to ask him A LOT of questions about their computers, mobile phones, iPods, etc!


Adam loves the outdoors and you’ll find him on a road trip most weekends. Check out his latest idea of growing cress – easy but effective.


Angie, Finance & Operations Manager, is our resident girl from the North West who loves her numbers & is our social butterfly. Always determined to travel light, Angie’s ingenious idea of filling our mini Bath Oil bottles with her most favourite perfume to throw into her clutch bag got the girls in the office wishing they had thought of this sooner.


Last but not least, Oli, the other half behind the brainchild that is NEOM. Oli heads up Product Development & Operations and thought up an amazing use for our 1 Wick Candle holders – salt and pepper holders – a brilliant addition to any dining table.


Watch this space for more ingenious ideas from the rest of the team…