Thanks to all those Facebook and Twitter fans who got all creative & entered our recycling competition. Here are the three winning ideas:


Claire writes "Apart from Neom's lovely candles and bath oils, my other little indulgence is the odd bottle of champagne (!). In fact, a lit Neom, a bottle of champers and Russell Crowe would be pretty much my idea of heaven on earth. Anyway, I save my champagne corks, and write on them the date on which they were popped, or the occasion, if relevant. I then stash them in Neom jars, sprinkle of few drops of lavender oil on them and put them in the bathroom or other rooms as air fresheners. As well as being a lovely reminder of all the parties and special occasions, it wafts a lovely smell all around the house."


Gemma writes "I'm a Science teacher and I've found your packaging perfect for loads of things!!! Here are my uses so far:


  • growing copper sulphate crystals
  • growing germinating beans in to look at the life cycle
  • using them to make bath products (such as bath bombs, etc) in lesson which the kids can then take home
  • as pretty plant pots for plants such as cacti (when we study adaptations)"



Katherine writes "My idea for recycling the glass container is to fill it with different shapes, sizes and colours of bars of soap and keep it in your bathroom. It looks good and means that there is always soap to hand!"


Below are the rest of our staff ideas.


Yvonne, National Accounts Sales Manager at NEOM is getting married this summer so has been obsessing over the most beautiful flowers. The conclusion – it’s got to be the rose. The prettiest way to use your Home Candle container is to add in delicate short stemmed roses.


Lucy looks after NEOM's PR. After studying Fashion & Marketing at University, you will often see Lucy wrapped in a home knitted snood (in winter) or making cushion covers over the weekend. It really wasn’t hard to see what Lucy uses her containers for – ribbon & thread.


Another yet simple idea from Gemma, Sales Account Manager at NEOM, our resident beauty therapist and lady from the South is to re use her Home Candle container in the bathroom. Try out using for cotton wool like Gemma or for any beauty bits & bobs you have lying around your bathroom.


If you want to share your use of used NEOM containers & packaging, why not send us a photo or simply email us details of your ideas? The best of them may be featured on our blog.