As you know team NEOM like to get creative once in a while. This Autumn we’re thinking about our NEW Organic Reed Diffusers and thought about how we would use ours…


Elaine, who is a new addition to our Sales team, loves to keep her new Reed Diffuser right by her front door. “After a long day, the rose scent which hits you when you walk in the door is so divine and pampering” says Elaine


Angie, (as we have said before) is our social butterfly, so it’s no surprise she has friends to stay most weekends. Angie loves to keep her Refresh Reed Diffuser in the en-suite bathroom. “After travelling the lemon & basil mix livens up our guests ready for the weekend ahead” says Angie


“I have the Reed Diffuser on my mantel piece which looks so pretty, it really adds to my living room decor! The Real Luxury is also my favourite and the beautiful fragrance which I used to scent my wedding last month - every day I’m reminded of the most magical day of my life” says Yvonne


NEOM’s Founder & Director, Nicola moved from London back to her home town of Harrogate 12 months ago. Loving the countryside but missing her London friends she often invites her pals up for a girly weekend. Juggling running the business with little Alexa (almost 4 months now) and cheeky Charlie (2, who can often been seen drawing on the bottom of his Converse pumps!) Nicola pops the Reed Diffuser in the guestroom for fuss-free scenting. “The girls always comment on how amazing the room smells and I didn’t need to do a thing!” says Nicola


Vicky Bellerby NEOM’s marketing guru loves her weekends away so couldn’t wait for the launch of the Reed Diffusers. “If you’re going on holiday or away for the weekend and still want that lovely familiar scent when you return home – the Reeds are a great substitute for our candles when you don’t want to leave a naked flame burning – they look great too!” says Vicky


Lucy, decided that her vintage closet (which was an awfully good find from the local charity store) along with her favourite dresses could use a little freshening up. “The Real Luxury scent oozes subtle scent which hits you when you open your closet. I am starting with all reeds in the pot for a real pep then leaving in 2 or 3 for a slow releasing scent for this small space” says Lucy


Beth, who (as it's leading up to Christmas) has become our workaholic, has decided that to try and keep her tired eyes open (even at 7pm in the evening) so she’ll be keeping her Refresh Reed Diffuser in the office. “The lemon & basil revives me brilliantly when I come in the morning or if I have to stay late without having to lift a finger!” says Beth


Adam and his wife Niki, have just moved to the historic city of York. Come the weekend they love to invite their friends for cocktails. “What better way to gather in the kitchen to try a zesty Margarita than surrounded by the zingy scent of Refresh with your friends” says Adam