Ever since Zoe our sales coordinator recently got engaged, team NEOM have been in wedding fever.


You’re the bride to be. You have your dress and secured the venue of your dreams. Your honeymoon’s booked, the cake is on order and the flowers are set to be utterly spectacular, but have you considered the first impression that’ll stay with you and your guests forever?


The scent of your venue...


We offer a bespoke organic scenting service to give your special day the ultimate atmospheric touch. Surround your church or venue with an organic scent to subconsciously relax both yourself and your guests, whilst providing an individual and memorable backdrop to your big day.


We’d love to share with you some fabulous feedback from customers, friends and some of the NEOM team on their NEOM wedding scenting experience...


“I decided to gift a Refresh (Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil) travel candle to every female guest as a gorgeous favour at my wedding. Everyone thought it was a lovely surprise”

Vicky married in Harrogate, 2009


“I loved the fact that this beautiful scent created a most memorable backdrop for my big day. Everyone commented...it was the ultimate atmospheric touch”

Cecily married at Claridge’s, London, September 2010


“The minute I walked into the venue, I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful scent. Later, we all received a Travel Candle of ‘their scent’, how perfect! Forever when I smell that scent I’m reminded of their big day.”

Jane, wedding guest at Yvonne’s wedding, Marquee in Somerset, June 2010


“I wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere at my wedding to make everyone feel at ease. I used the real luxury scent with candles dotted about the marquee. The Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood combination really off-set the roses which were my choice of flower during my big day”

Yvonne on her choice of scent at her wedding, June 2010


“My wedding was in the spring so we wanted a really fresh scent which was zingy and zesty. I chose invigorate. The fabulous grapefruit was so punchy everyone commented on the light, clean fragrance. Now my spring isn’t the same without a touch of grapefruit in the house.”

Collette, married in the North West, 2008


“I got married in a marquee in my parent’s garden. It was a pretty hectic affair so I thought it would be nice to create a little chill-out zone in secluded corner. We scattered cushions and lit tranquillity (English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine) not too woody that it would send them to sleep, but just enough strength for that half hour respite away from the champagne and dancing!”

Nicola, married in Yorkshire, 2006


Get in touch with us at weddings@neomorganics.com if you’d like help deciding which candles or scent would suit your wedding style or venue.