With spring just around the corner, we asked florist Lucy MacNicoll to show us how to create a beautiful display inspired by the ingredients of the scent of Happiness that will, excitingly, transition you into the spring season.

Visit Lucy's website at www.lucymacnicoll-flowers.com.

To create the display you will need:

Gold fish bowl vase.
1 block of oasis floral foam.
Florists' knife to cut the foam.
1 small plastic circular dish (to place the foam in) approx. 12cm diameter (this should sit on top of the vase) you can purchase from your local florist.
approx. 12cm diameter
Florists pot tape.
Sharp scissors.
5 stems white Lilac.
10 stems Mimosa.
5 stems Guelder Rose.
5 stems Wax Flower.
10 stems Craspedia.
5 stems Bupleurum
8 Lemons.




1. Soak the oasis foam in water.

2. Cut to size to fit into the circular dish. Secure foam with florists pot tape.

3. Begin by placing the stems of Bupleurum, Mimosa and Wax flower to fill the foam and start to create the outline of the design.

4. Add in the white Lilac and the Guelder Roses.

5. Then add in the Craspedia helping to define the loose dome shape.

6. Fill any remaining gaps with the rest of the Bulpherium and Wax flower.

7. Place on top of the gold fish bowl with lemons placed inside the vase.

8. Lightly spray the design with water.

9. Make sure you top up the floral foam with water every few days.